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A Monthly Review; February 2018

12th March 2018

I can’t believe we are almost 2 weeks into March and I am only now getting chance to take a quick look back over February. These last few weeks have been full on and the time is rushing past. Last month I was talking about how grey January felt and this month January feels like it is a distant memory!

The Family

February was a month of dates for Sam and I! We had an amazing Prosecco Afternoon Tea which had been bought for us as a Christmas present. It was delicious and made a lovely change to have a few hours together in the day. We had also been to look at a house so it was perfect for talking about what we thought.

Then toward the end of the month we had the whole day to ourselves. The children had a sleepover at Nana and Grandad’s house whilst Sam and I went to London. We had a wander around in the day, looked round some markets, visited some bars and just enjoyed being tourists. Then we had a lovely dinner before finishing the day with a theatre visit. I have wanted to see The Woman In Black for years. We decided that we would see it this year and we was not disappointed! A show with only 3 actors, one of which is the lady, so just 2 actors. Amazing. Absolutely brilliant and if you’re thinking of going to see it then you really should.

This year we also became members of the National Trust. We’re very keen to get out and about this year and this is a perfect way to do so, as well as visit some beautiful places. We took a trip to Oxburgh Hall this month. It was lovely to go on their snowdrop walk, and to just get outside.

All Things Me

I’ve been keeping up with my Pilates and finding it really helps to keep me relaxed. I am also doing the 10,000 steps a day challenge for Cancer Research in March. My aim is to try to raise money for Cancer Research each year after losing my Grandad, but more importantly, after him being able to live with cancer for as long as he did, and that’s all thanks to Cancer Research. If you would like to sponsor me you can do so here.

I’ve been finding this whole “house up for sale” thing quite stressful and we’re not even doing anything stressful, yet. The issue is that I am a bit controlling. I have to be in control of everything. With this I can’t be. I have to wait for someone to want to buy my house before I can plan where we will move to and what the next exciting adventure will be for us. It is driving me nuts!! Please tell me it isn’t just me who gets like this??

The Blog

The biggest thing for me on the blog in February was the start of my Guest Series “Share Your Story”. I have had some amazing people send me their stories to share. From strong woman on pregnancy journeys to giving up the job you hate to chase your dreams. They really have been inspiring. I’m always looking for more people to share their story, you don’t have to blog. Maybe you just want to talk about your feelings or raise awareness. If so, do get in touch and I can pop yours in the calendar.

I have a lot of work on with the blog at the moment and it is keeping me so busy, I love how my little space on the internet has blossomed over the last year. I need to get my head around GDPR and quickly, I am reading lots of information and trying to make sense of it all, if you have any advice then it would be greatly received!!!

Social Media has been tough on me this month. Well, Facebook and Instagram. These were always my favourite platforms but the algorithms have changed and it has made it tougher to get people to see me now. If you do want to keep seeing my posts then do give me a like/comment when you can.

This is one reason why I am trying to get more involved in Twitter. I still feel like I’m shouting in a crowded room and even though I’m sitting behind a computer/phone I still have this worry that people are going to think, what is she on about.
I’ve got so many questions about the platform like, how do you find “your people” on Twitter? How do you get involved in conversations? Where do you find conversations? I would love some advice on how to crack it and be confident on it………

My February Stats

Like I said, a quick look back as I have a lot of posts I need to be writing as well as forms to complete and holidays to get ready for. No rest for the wicked.

How was your February – I would love to hear all about it below.

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