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#MessNoStress with Bibetta Placemats

4th March 2018

Kids equal Mess. That’s a fact. There’s no getting away from it. It’s also no secret that it is one of the most difficult things I have had to learn to embrace. I struggle. I’ve struggled for 4 years and I don’t expect the struggle to disappear anytime soon.

Toddlers weaning equal chaotic mess. Food everywhere. In their hair, their freshly washed hair at that! On the floor, on the walls (that was Reuben, not so much Jessica). It amazes me how so much of it misses their mouths.
Jessica is prone to one of two things currently; she either tips the entire contents of her plate onto the table or the tray of her high chair, or her favourite is shouting done and then throwing the plate (and whatever is left on the plate) onto the floor. Nightmare! It’s all about learning though, right?

Anyway, Bibetta approached me to see if I would like to take part in their #MessNoStress campaign and they were going to send me out some Placemats to help me with that. Perfect! I’m in!

Bibetta Placemat boxBibetta Placemats

The Bibetta placemats come with a handy pocket that folds over the side of the table. Perfect for collecting the food that little miss doesn’t get in her mouth. Saves my floor. She did end up rooting around in the pocket eating the food that had collected in there which was pretty gross!

The pocket doubles up as a way to keep the placemat together when it folded up. This neat feature makes it easy to carry around. Fold it up neatly, pop in your bag and take it with you. Restaurants, Cafes, soft-play. Anywhere.

What I love about the Bibetta Placemats

The Bibetta Placemats are a really great size. It unfolds to almost half the size of my table. There is room for her plate, cup and much more if needed. It would be pretty impossible for her to get food on the table unless she threw it, and even then it would have to be a good throw.

The designs. There are so many designs to pick from. We have the bird’s pattern for Jessica and the dinosaur pattern for Reuben. Whilst these are mainly designed for little ones who are weaning, all kids can be messy. Reuben is prone to spilling his food on the table. Besides he loves the pattern and so is keen to use it, that means Jessica is less likely to try to pull hers off the table – she has to be like her big brother!

Portable. The fact that I can fold it up and pop it in my bag. I love being able to take it with us when we go out for lunch. I’m less likely to have to spend ten minutes picking up all the mess on the floor.

The Not so Great

I am a big fan of the Bibetta placemats. Since using it I have definitely embraced the #MessNoStress mindset. I’m confident in letting Jessica have fun eating. I’m not trying to pick food up off the floor or saying “no, don’t do that”. The only downside I found they can stain easily with your typical foods, such as Spaghetti Bolognese. But then that’s not really a surprise. The stain is really only noticeable on birds placemat and that’s because of the light colour. There’s not been any staining on the darker dinosaur one. Still better a stain on a placemat then on the clothes, table mats or carpets!

Overall Thoughts on Bibetta Placemats

My overall thoughts are that this is definitely worth the £14.99 (correct as of publishing date) that it is retailing at. All of the positives outweigh the one thing that I was not so happy about. I wouldn’t even call it a negative, just a consideration.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is stressing a bit about the mess that comes with weaning. Weaning is such a great time for kids, they enjoy it so much. Enjoy watching them enjoy the food. #MessNoStress


Fiona, the Director of Bibetta kindly contacted me regarding the staining with some brilliant advice on how to remove the stains.

“Re staining – it might be a bit late for old stains, but my personal suggestion is to handwash the placemat, rinse off any excess, squeeze on Fairy liquid, rub the mat where the stains are and then rinse. Worked for us on the prototype bib (lilac in colour) and we had everything on it too. If handwashing is not practical  then I recommend a bit of vanish powder mixed in with the washing powder. Works for us.”

I squeezed on the Fairy Liquid and gave it a good scrub and the stains came off. Every single one of them, even with them being old stains. I did panic to begin with as it looked like the fairy liquid was going to stain them, but it scrubbed in really well. I really wanted to share this so you know how to get your stains out!

**We were sent these placemats in exchange or an honest review. All thoughts are my own

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