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May’s Musing; A Monthly Review.

4th June 2017

Here we are in June! Officially it is summer and we are almost halfway through the year. Time to reflect on May…..

The Family.

So, I went back to work! I have now been back three weeks and it is like I have never been away. It is hard though, very hard being away from the children and the routine is difficult. I find myself very tired, I’m sure it will ease with time!

My sister and I took part in the Pretty Muddy Race For Life. It was a brilliant day and we will definitely be doing it next year. In total we raised just over £400.

The kids caught tummy bugs. Jessica had it much worse than Reuben and was suffering for seven days. She was very poorly. Reuben acted like nothing was wrong and recovered much quicker. Now they both have colds, when will we get a break?!

Reuben learned to ride his bike. Well, I’m guessing he has been able to do it a while and has been practising at preschool. I went out to teach him and he could do it already. I spent the next thirty minutes running alongside him as he cycled around.

The Blog

I was given two opportunities to review products.

One with Gousto. I was sent a meal box to try for free. If I enjoyed the food and wanted write a review on it, I could but I didn’t have to! I loved it and you can read about that here.

The second was from Once Upon A Time Book Bundles. A delivery service for books selected especially for your child. A great idea and you can read about that here.

Guest Posts:

The lovely Emma-Louise hosts a series called “Behind the Bride” and I was featured in the series.

My Blog stats for May;

Blog Love

Some of my favourite posts for May are;

Mummy! Look, I’m Catching The Bad Guys!” by Jaki Jellz
The way Jaki has written this definitely touches your heart. The innocence said in those few words but the reality is that the world seems to be full of ‘bad guys’, drop over to her blog and show some love.

“God, Religion And My Five Year Old Twins” by DIY Daddy
Nige explains that his twin daughters have been told by one of their teachers that God had made them. He has definitely explained his view well here and I look forward to reading his follow-up post when that happens.

I would love to hear how your month has been in the comments below, who’s been your favourite blogger?

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