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March Musings; A Monthly Review

2nd April 2017

I say it a lot but, how quickly has March gone?
I cannot believe that we are a quarter of the way through the year already.
Each month seems to go quicker and quicker.

I must admit though, I am looking forward to April as we have half term and our family break to enjoy.

So, what has been happening in March?

The Family.

We have been quite busy in March, another reason for the month going by so quickly I’m sure. From baking to going on walks at a water garden, it has certainly been full of fun.

Reuben seems to be going through some kind of phase at the moment. He seems to hate wearing clothes. He just strips down and refuses to put any clothes back on. It is a really recent phase, I was cooking dinner and turned round to see a naked three year old running up and down the hallway. I had to negotiate with him to put his pants on to eat his dinner. Which he did.

We have all had some pretty rotten colds. Even I wanted to crawl back into bed many mornings to sleep I felt so rough. However Jessica really was poorly and we are just thankful that the illnesses seem to have calmed down. For now anyway!

Oh, and I got some more ‘me time‘. Two months in a row, that’s a definite Mummy Win.
This time I went to lunch with my Mum and Sister. It was a lovely afternoon!

The Blog

I am really enjoying writing on my blog. Putting my thoughts down into a post has been really therapeutic. I never really expected people to want to read my writings but the fact that they are has been such a confidence boost.

This month I have been talking with a couple of companies regarding product reviews, more on this later in the month so keep your eyes peeled!

In March I was also featured on Emma and Family’s blog for “Oh My Blog, the Mum Edition” pop over to learn more about my lovely Mum.

My Blog stats for March;

Blog Love

Last month I started sharing with you some of my favourite posts of the month. Here are some of my favourite posts of the month;

The Joy of Two  by Lady Nicci
Nicci talks openly about her struggles of going from one child to two, something that I also found difficult. But she was also juggling a lot more than just two children. Head on over and have a read.

Anxiety and Me by A Blonde and a Baby
If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen this post already, if not then please do pop over and have a read.
Beth talks very openly about her anxiety and how that has affected parts of her life. Anxiety isn’t spoken about much, I know a few people who live with anxiety yet my knowledge is limited. It would be great if we supported more people to be open about it.

Motherhood Mondays feat Fresh Milk Mama by Mimi Rose and Me.
Kelly-Anne runs a couple of blog series. If you haven’t seen them then go have a look. Lots of lovely Mummy’s talking about being a Mum and Feeding.
This particular post I loved and it is by Fresh Milk Mama who has written a “You Know You’re a Mum when” post. I guarantee that you will be nodding along in agreement with this list.

So, there we have it, that is how March looked for us.
April is the last month off I have until I go back to work and so I plan to make the most of it.

What have you been up to this last month?
I would love to hear how your month went in the comments below.

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