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Losing My Hair After Pregnancy

29th August 2018

Losing my hair after pregnancy was not something I was expecting. Nobody had mentioned it to me at all and so when it happened, I was shocked.

Luscious Locks

Pregnancy was something that I found stressful at times. I could never relax after our miscarriages. Then I had morning sickness and suffered from Pelvic Girdle Pain. Don’t get me wrong my two rainbows pregnancies were straight forward and I know others suffer with many more symptoms. The one thing I really loved, other than growing the babies and feeling them move, was my luscious locks.

My hair was amazing during pregnancy. It was thicker, and generally looked in much better condition. I loved it. It’s all thanks to those lovely hormones! They make your hair grow faster and fall out less. It didn’t even occur to me that when my baby was born and more hormones dropped, so would my hair. But it did.

Losing My Hair

About three months or so after Reuben was born I was washing my hair when strands were coming away with my fingers. Not the odd one or two. I appeared to be losing my hair in clumps. I had no idea what was going on. I tried to ignore it. Then it was happening every day. It was coming away in the shower, covering the floor, getting over everything. Panic.

Thank goodness for Google! I spent some time frantically searching online. It was normal. In fact it was completely normal. Then why had no one mentioned it to me before? No one seemed to ever mention it. Yet when I spoke about it to other people they would casually say “oh yeah, that happened to me”. Was I the only one not to know it would happen? Apparently not.

When I went to my hairdresser I asked her to check my hair to see if she could notice where it had been falling out. She said she couldn’t and reassured me it was fine. It went on for almost a year and then it settled down. Thankfully.

Is it Forever?

For most people hair loss after pregnancy is a temporary thing and normally settles within the year, or once breastfeeding stops. However, sometimes it can last longer than 12 months, because of stress or being overtired. But again it tends to be temporary.

On very rare occasions, it can lead to more permanent hair loss. In these instances it tends to be where there is a history of genetic hair loss. Some women will look to find a solution such as hair growth boosters. Others will seek advice from a specialist. There is a solution for everyone.

Did you suffer from hair loss after your pregnancy?



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