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The Little One Tag; All About The Baby and The Boy!

7th June 2017

I was recently(ish) tagged by the lovely Lauren over at Sophie’s Nursery to take part in ‘The Little One’ tag.

This one is where I ‘interview’ my little one(s) and let you know a bit about their likes! So, let’s get started!

The Little OneĀ 

What’s the best thing about being 3 years / 9 months old?


I’m three Mummy and I’ll be four in October! The best thing about being three is being Batman, obviously! I get to run around in my Batman cape and save people. And then when I’m finished being Batman I can be Spiderman or Iron Man. It’s great!


The best thing about being 9 months old is that everyone thinks I’m cute. Even if I’m throwing my food on the floor! And if I want a hug I just have to cry a little and I get picked up. You could say I have everyone wrapped around my little finger!

What’s your favourite toy?


Cars, tractors, fire engines. Can I get a new one please Mummy?


As much as I love my toys Mummy I prefer the remote control. Especially when I turn the channel over ha ha! Reuben gets so cross and that makes me laugh.

Little One - Reuben in Batman towel

Favourite thing to do?




Mummy is it my turn yet?
My favourite thing to do is smile. I do it all the time. It makes everyone else smile too and that makes me smile more.


Mummy, I wanted to go first.
My favourite thing is running. I like running. Inside, outside. Doesn’t matter I just love running.

Favourite TV programme?


Paw Patrol, obviously! Can we watch it now?


Oh I’m not fussy! Whatever is on as long as it has music that I can clap too!

Favourite Book?


Ooooooo, what’s that scrunchy, crunchy one I’ve got mummy? That one I like that one! (Who’s in the Garden)


Ummmmmm. This one? No this one. Oh and this one…… I like them all Mummy. (Passes a selection of books including Funny Bones, Molly Maybe’s Monsters, The dinosaur that pooped…..)

Little one Jessica smiling

Favourite Food?




Sweets don’t count.


But they are my favourite. But I do really like cunumber and domatoes (cucumber and tomatoes)


Easy, cheese!

Favourite Song?


Hello to the Sun (Baby Sensory) I love that song Mummy it makes me happy.


The one on the telly that goes “Oh my gosh, look at her butt”. That’s funny isn’t it Mummy?
(He recently watched Sing, anyone else’s kids singing this song over and over now?)

What Makes you laugh?


Reuben! When he is being really silly that makes me laugh a lot. And splashing in the bath.


Daddy makes me laugh. He can be so silly!

Who do you love and why?


I love you Mummy. And Daddy, and Jessica, and Lola. I love everyone Mummy because we are all best friends.


I love you! And Daddy and Reuben. I love all my family but I love you three the best. You’re my favourites.

Over to you!

After Reuben and Jessica had finished answering these questions they carried on playing for the day before they (reluctantly) went to bed ready to cause mischief tomorrow.

So now I had it over to some more lovely bloggers so that we can learn all about their beautiful children.

Next up will be:

Amy from The Mighty Duxbury’s

Clare from Emmy’s Mummy and Harry’s Too

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2 responses to “The Little One Tag; All About The Baby and The Boy!”

  1. Thanks for the tag.
    I’ll get the kids to answer this week (or next I’d they don’t co-operate) mine will also fight over who’s then it is lol