Learning Resources Primary Science Lab

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab

13th November 2017

For those that are regulars on my blog you will know that we have a great relationship with Learning Resources. They provide great toys that are fun and great for learning. We’ve tested a few of their items (see here and here) and they know Reuben’s likes so well already. They recently contacted us to see if Reuben would like to try out their Primary Science Lab ready for Christmas. I knew that Reuben would LOVE this! He misses going to Mini Professors and so to be able to do some science at home was ALWAYS going to be a win!

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab

Reuben with his Science KitReuben knew we had received something for him in the post but we made him wait until the weekend to find out what it was. Not because I’m mean but because he would want to play with it straight away and it would not work without Sam being home. We gave him the box to open and when he saw what he had he was so excited! As expected he wanted to start straight away.

The box looked pretty big for a science kit but when we opened it there wasn’t any overuse of packaging. The kit is chunky and perfect for small hands which is why the box is bigger than I thought it would be. Everything was packaged so that it couldn’t be broken if the box was dropped.

In the box you get:

2 x test tube holders
2 x small test tubes
Large test tube
10 x activity cards


We picked a couple of simple experiments to try; one was mixing colours and the second was shiny pennies.

The activity cards were very easy to follow that older children would be comfortable to follow on their own. One KEY benefit of these cards are that they are wipeable. Something I was thankful of as Reuben put the pipette into the red food colouring and squeezed a little too enthusiastically. Red colouring everywhere. It looked like blood everywhere. The cards have been wiped and are as good as new, not my top unfortunately.

Reuben doing a science experimentWatch Our Experiment

There are some more adventurous experiments, such as volcanoes. I am very much looking forward to doing this one!!

Reuben really loves this Primary Science Lab.
He spent about an hour playing with different elements of the kit and most of that was without the experiment cards.

I think that it is really great that you can also download other experiments so that there are more than the ten included. Not to mention how much your child can do on their own, making up their own experiments.

Do you think your child would like this?

I hope you do as we have one to give away! Not only that but it will be in time for Christmas! Enter our giveaway below;

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We were gifted the science lab in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own

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