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Kindness When You’re At Your Most Vulnerable

21st September 2017

Recently I was reading an article in the Daily Mail about a photo that had gone viral. A photo of a nurse helping a new mother go to the bathroom after she had given birth. Read it here.

It really struck a chord with me as to how kind nurses and midwives are. How sensitive they are when we are at our most vulnerable. The things they do. This story got me thinking about my experience with the nurses after my labours.

Being Vulnerable

Do you remember what it was like? The moments after you had given birth. The elation and joy that your baby was here. The complete exhaustion from child-birth. I remember it very well with Reuben. My labour was long, he was back to back and I was exhausted. I hadn’t coped well with the pain and was given pethidine but it was quite late in my labour. It wasn’t long after I had been given it that Reuben was born.

We had our time together bonding through skin to skin and feeding.
I had my tea and toast, the most amazing tea and toast in the world. Then the nurse in the room asked if I would like to have a shower. That was a no brainer, of course I did! I felt pretty gross.

The nurse came over to help me out of the bed but I felt awful. I told her I couldn’t get up because I felt dizzy. The dizziness made me feel sick. She told me to relax on the bed and spoke to my midwife. They had to re-weigh my bed sheets to make sure that I hadn’t lost too much blood but I was OK. It was the pethidine that was making me feel poorly.

The nurse came back to see if I wanted to try again and I said I didn’t, I felt like I was going to fall over and just didn’t want to get in the shower.

She was so kind

The nurse got a bowl and some clean cloths and she bathed me in my chair. The kindness she showed me. She was so respectful so that I didn’t feel embarrassed but she didn’t want to leave me when I had wanted a shower. It meant the world to me that I was able to be clean after labour.

I still remember her, she was a friendly lady and was so helpful. She helped to dress Reuben and then she cared for me. She respected our privacy when needed and brought me extra toast when I asked. I could tell that she done these things because she enjoyed her job.

The next time I saw her

Was after I had given birth to Jessica. This time I was much more coherent. I hadn’t had any pain relief and was able to shower myself. I was on a bean bag in the midwife unit, not the most comfortable position after birth. She peered her smiling face around the door. I remembered her straight away. She obviously had no idea who I was but she was just as kind. Asking if I needed anything, readjusting my cushions so that I was a little more comfortable, more blankets to cover me up.

Nurses amaze me

They work so hard and are always up against it. This doesn’t change anything. The kindness they show. The time they give you. It is unquestionable. They do their job because they love it. They help because they are kind. And they are there when you are your most vulnerable.

Thank you for being so kind! 

Do you remember your midwife and nurses that looked after you? I would love to know your stories below.

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