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Just One Bad Day

14th December 2016

Well yesterday was a pretty tough day!

I should have known it was going to be tough when my day started with an explosive nappy and yellow poo all over a lovely white sleep suit, but hey I was optimistic. More fool me!

Jessica is currently teething! Yep, a drooling and very unhappy 3 month old baby right now and to top it off she has been trying to refuse her naps. Not going to happen lady! After thirty minutes of rocking her to sleep she finally gave in, just in time for the Tesco delivery and I was able to open the door before they rang the bell, a result in any parents book! Phew! (throws fist in the air kind of triumph)

At this point Reuben decides to holla out that he was going to have his sweeties and BAM! Jessica is WIDE awake and all hell breaks loose! Jessica crying, Reuben crying because he wanted his sweets, me trying to get the shopping in and a delivery driver who looked terrified!

The delivery driver wishes me good luck as he practically runs away from the door as fast as he can!
Twenty more minutes of rocking and Jessica finally went back to sleep.
BAM! Reuben starts crying again because I won’t let him have his sweets before lunch.
With Jessica awake (again) ¬†and crying (again), Reuben crying (again), only one thing left to do! Cry! Yep, that’s right, if you can’t beat them join. I burst into tears and sobbed.
So there we were all three of us crying, what a sight!

This shocked Reuben and he quickly stopped crying and gave me the biggest hug and told me that he loved me.
Suddenly everything was right with the world and there was my angelic baby boy again. (Until next time)
And Jessica did nap, well she passed out on her playmat whilst trying to roll over (very funny).

jessica asleep on playmat

It didn’t “fix” the day, how could it? We were all then in pretty bad moods but we struggled through the day and made it to bedtime.
But that’s the point we made it, a few more tears shed and grey hairs earned but we survived!

Today I can see the funny side of things (kind of) and hope that it is a better day………..
But as hard as the day is, we do need to remember that it is just one bad day. Tomorrow is a new day!

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