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My New Year Boost with Indigo Super Greens

23rd January 2018

As you know, I made a pledge to myself (not a New Year Resolution) that 2018 was going to be the year that I look after me. I would eat healthier, and plan in more exercise. So far it is going really well. OK, I have the odd day where I grab a chocolate bar. A day where I can’t be bothered to do anything but sit on the sofa. I’m OK with that. The little bits that I am doing are already 100 times better than the nothing that I was doing last year. What makes it better is that I am doing it because I want to. Not because I think I need to lose weight or because I’m unhappy in myself. That means there’s less pressure and guess what, it means I actually want to do it!

When Indigo Herbs gave me the opportunity to try out their Super Greens Powder I was intrigued to see how I could use this in my day-to-day diet. I had heard so many great things about Indigo Herbs, yet it wasn’t something that I had ever tried before.

Indigo herbs logoIndigo Herbs Super Greens 

Super Greens powder was the winner of the “Your Fitness’s Best Energy Booster” for 2017.

When it arrived I was keen to start using it. I’ve never used any powders and so was at a bit of a loss as to how I was going to use it. I popped over to the website where they have suggestions on what you can include it in. Smoothies, juices, yoghurts, curries, there were plenty of options. Not only that but there was a selection of recipes to try out.

With it being winter and season of the casseroles I have been able to add the Super Greens into so many of our dishes with minimal effort (once the children’s has been served that is). One of our favourite dishes is a ‘healthier’ take on Hunters Chicken. I was able to easily mix the powder into the sauce that the chicken was cooked in.

I was worried that it wouldn’t mix very well but it mixes very easily. I’m only using a small amount at the moment so as not to upset my tummy (the website advises that “the blend is rich and can result in an adverse detoxifying reaction, such as an upset tummy”) and I will gradually increase it over time.

In fact, it mixes so well that when I am in a rush I will add some to ice-cold water and drink it. It smells and tastes like cold tea when it is made this way. As long as you’re not put off by the bright green colour it is very drinkable!

I love that by adding Super Greens to my diet it means that I know I am getting a big boost in vitamins.

Super Greens are high in Vitamin A, C and E which helps to prevent cell damage. A wide range of B vitamins which I am told have anti-oxidant attributes. Selenium, copper and manganese to help give a boost and provide relief from stresses and strains.

Indigo Herbs have also included Spirulina, Chlorella and Moringa to make it a complete protein. It can help your body adjust and improve your body’s hormonal response to stress. And finally, including wheatgrass and barleygrass which balances the ingredients for what Indigo Green describe as “maximum bioavailability”.

Super Greens is 100% organic and suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free!

Fancy trying some yourself?

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