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Hunkemoller Jersey Lace Pyjamas Review

22nd December 2018

*We were sent some Jersey Lace Pyjamas from Hunkemoller in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own*

There is nothing I like more than getting home from work, putting on some comfy PJ’s and relaxing with a glass of wine on the sofa. So when we had the opportunity to try out some of Hunkemoller Pyjamas I jumped at the chance, after all I would be needing some new ones for our Boxing Day PJ Day! I’ve had things from Hunkemoller before and found their quality to be really good and their delivery exceptional, so I was expecting great things…

Hunkemoller Pyjamas Review

I cannot give any feedback on the ordering of the pyjamas as this was done for me. I was asked my size and told the pyjamas were in the post. From the time I gave my clothing size to the time they arrived was 5 days, which I think is great. Especially in the run up to Christmas.


Hunkemoller boxes are a delight in themselves, I love them. The inside is pink and white striped with a slogan of “Life is about Pretty Moments, enjoy this one” which I just love, it always makes me smile.

Hunkemoller PyjamasOn opening I was greeted with some very grey pyjamas. Grey is not normally a colour I would pick for myself and it made me a little nervous. Once I had opened them fully I could see that there was some very pretty lace trim enhancements on the pyjamas. By the base of the V-neck, the sides of the top and the bottoms of the trousers. This made them feel more elegant and whilst I still wasn’t excited by the colour of them, the lace helped me to like the look of the more.

The pyjamas are jersey pyjamas, and they felt soft and warm. This made me very happy! They were the perfect pyjama to lounge in. So I, naturally, wanted to try them on after a hard day at work.

Trying on the Humkemoller pyjamas

I am a size 12/14 on clothes depending on the style and shape. For pyjamas I always go for a 14 as I like them to be loose and comfortable and these were no different. I had confidently ordered a 14 and was sure they would be great.

I had noticed that the pyjamas legs looked really long but that wouldn’t matter really.

When I put them on to say they were snug would be an understatement. They clung to every single lump and bump. The fit was really poor, this is why there are no photos of me in the pyjamas. They were not flattering at all. I checked them out online to see if they were supposed to be tight and they really weren’t. I’m not even sure if ordering a large (should fit size 16/18) would have been enough for these to fit comfortably.


So, for me, these pyjamas left me feeling disappointed. I was so sure they were going to be great. Like I said earlier I’ve had items from Hunkemoller before and been pleased.I’ve read other reviews of pyjamas and people have been please. Perhaps it was just this type for me and my body shape. Who knows. Will it stop me shopping here again, no. It will mean that next time, I will make sure I pick what I want, I know my body shape and what looks good on it. This was merely a blip I’m sure.

Hunkemoller Jersey Pyjamas

Have you tried pyjamas from Hunkemoller? What did you think?


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