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Has Your New Year Health Resolution Stuck?

27th January 2019

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Ok, so you would probably be lying if you said that somewhere along the line one of your new year’s resolutions wasn’t to be more healthy.

You might have gone through a particularly long stink of eating bad. Or staying in all of the time. Eventually it does make your body feel poorly. You can’t help but think that you want to be one of these mega fit Instagram people, but you just can’t bring yourself to be that committed. However, you went into the new year at least thinking you were going to be a little better with the way that you treat your body. But how has that gone down for you?  

Well, if you feel like you’re not on the right road anymore, keep reading this article, and see if we can nudge you back onto it.

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Remember Why You Started This

If there is anything that’s going to put you back on the right path again, it’s the reason why you started.

People will have their own reasons as to why they did. A lot of you will have started because you’re just not happy with the way your body looks. There’s a lot of insecurity in this world around body imagine. If this was your reason, it’s the wrong reason! We really do think this is one of the biggest mistakes that people make, comparing yourself against others.

So remember that you started this because you wanted to feel better about yourself. Often that is enough to motivate people back onto the right path.

Don’t Be The Stereotype

The typical stereotype is one that makes people who are actually on the right path and being healthy cringe. It’s the person who goes to the gym and fits into nearly all of the OriGym’s fitness stereotypes list. The person who will post pictures on Snapchat or Instagram wearing gym gear, or will post healthy food pictures of the most amazing breakfasts for likes rather than being healthy. Don’t be the that person! Be the person who is doing this to improve yourself, love yourself. Some people’s fitness goals are really confused at the minute, and we think social media fuels that.

Stay Away From The Dark Path

A final tip, and that’s to stay away from the dark path. Takeaways, alcohol. You know the things. Sure, have them as a treat but if you want to make a lifestyle change you need to make sure they remain a treat and not a regular occurrence. 

What do you do to stay on the right path?

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