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Getting Creative with Happy Little Bundles Subscription

8th December 2017

Subscription boxes are extremely popular at the moment and are a great way of trying out lots of new items. I love the idea of having subscription boxes come through for Reuben. It means he has something new that he can play with each month and it keeps his interest. So when we were sent through a box to try from Happy Little Bundles subscription box we was excited to see what it included.

Happy Little Bundles Subscritption

We were sent a creativity based pack, each month Jemma bases the pack on a different topic.

Happy Little Bundles Subscription BoxReuben was so excited to see what was included in his pack. Included in the pack we were given one large tub of multi coloured play dough, four smaller tubs of glittery play dough and some wooden ‘tools’ to use with it. There was also a bag to store everything in. The larger tub of play dough had a cute unicorn face on the tub, not that Reuben noticed it but I thought it was a nice touch.


Reuben got everything out all at once and started to have a look at what there was included. Obviously the first thing he done was to mix all of the play dough together. Much to my horror but he was in full swing and so I wasn’t going to stop him. The good thing is that although the colours mixed, they aren’t that horrible brown colour, at the moment anyway!

Reuben spent time rolling the dough together and putting holes into it. He really enjoyed trying out all the different wooden tools to see what they could do. I was impressed with how it caught his attention and he played with it for quite a long time on his own, not something that happens often.

Why Happy Little Bundles?

I love the idea behind the Happy Little Bundles subscription boxes. Dr Jemma Harris has put together these subscription boxes with the idea that it will create that ‘family time’ once a month. A time where you are closer as a family and are truly happy. You can read more about her vision on her blog here.

I also love the quality of the items that you are given. They have clearly been made well and will last a long time, even with a heavy handed four year old being in control of them.


*We were sent a subscription box in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own*

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