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First Birthday Party; Jessica’s Going to be 1!

28th July 2017

I cannot believe that next month is Jessica’s first birthday, she will be one! Where has that last year gone?

OMG! I’m going to have a toddler!

We’re now starting to think about planning her birthday party. We know that she won’t remember it, but it’s still important to celebrate an important milestone as a family. We want to share it with the people closest to us.

When planning a first birthday, there’s so much to think about. The obvious one is what presents do we buy for a one year old who already seems to own everything! But then we need to consider if there will be other, older children there that need entertaining? How much food will we need? 

Birthday Party Entertainment

There are a lot of options so really it depends on budget. You could hire a church hall and a bouncy castle or magician; or if it’s at home you could arrange some party games yourself, like pass the parcel. Of course Reuben will be there with a couple of friends so he’ll need something to keep his attention.

Our party will be more adult-based, so will be more relaxed something like a BBQ or a picnic. As she gets older I’m sure that the type of birthday party will completely change.

Birthday Party Food

Catering for children and adults can be a lot to think about. The key is lists! I love a good list.
When making a shopping list, try making separate lists so you don’t get too overwhelmed and start forgetting things.

A good idea could be to ask guests to bring a plate of food with them instead of bringing a present. That way you get a good variety of food, you’ll know everyone is able to eat something (especially if people have allergies) and you’ll hopefully prevent throwing food away. If you try this, you might find it helpful to ask guests to provide a sweet or savoury dish to prevent duplication or you might find your food table more in favour of one than the other.

I don’t know about you but we always find that we have more presents than space. Even more so with Reuben who has more than enough toys to hand down. Obviously we’re always extremely grateful, but it can feel like it’s too much, completely surrounded by toys and cardboard boxes so asking guests to bring something else, like their own drinks or a game can help.

Birthday Presents

It’s difficult to navigate through children’s toys as there are so many that claim to help with child development in this way, or that way. It’s so easy to worry that you’re not buying the ‘right’ things. I have been researching and have an idea of what might be good to get her for her life as a one year old. Once I’ve decided I’ll see if there are any bargains on eBay, for example.

If you’re unsure about toys, try using it as a hiring service – order it, try it out, and resell it once you’ve finished with it! If you’d rather not get involved with eBay, there are lots of local selling sites too, like Gumtree or Shpock. 

Children’s toys always seem to be huge, (or maybe my house is too small?) but if you think you’ll struggle to go and collect something, you might prefer to use a company like Shiply to do any heavy lifting or fiddly work. They can deliver it to the door, leaving you with wrapping it up ready for your little one to rip open the paper…….. and play with the box!

This is a collaborative post with Shiply, see my Disclaimer.

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