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Mum and Son Day; A Film Review of The Lego Batman Movie

7th February 2017

Last week I mentionedĀ in theĀ “It’s The Little Things” post that I was taking Reuben to the cinema for some much-needed mum and son time. We went at the weekend and Reuben decided the film he wanted to watch The Lego Batman Movie.

Not my choice but this day was for him and so that is what we watched.

He was so excited! Popcorn, sweets and drinks ready and in we went.

What Reuben Thought

After he got over how big everything was (first time at the cinema) he seemed to really enjoy it.

We had picked an early viewing so it was less busy and just as well we did as he was rather lively. He was cheering on for Batman, he was shouting about hot lava and just really getting in to it.

Halfway through the film he did start to lose interest and wanted to go home, but when the ‘action’ started again he was back into the film.

When we left he said he wanted to go back and watch it again so I would assume on that note that he would give the film five stars!

Jo and Reuben

What I Thought

Considering I was not as enthusiastic as Reuben, the film was actually quite enjoyable.

It was the normal storyline, Batman saves Gotham City but it was nice to see how they had built-in some other characters that you wouldn’t normally see in this film.

I really liked how the film had been made with both kids and adults in mind. Something for everyone.

The comic violence was OK.
I am always concerned about stuff like that with Reuben being 3 but he barely noticed it and focussed more on the Good Guys, lava and just generally cheering.

Overall Opinion

Definitely worth a watch!
An all round good family film.
We will definitely be buying this when it comes out to watch it again! After all Daddy still needs to watch it!

Total Score – 4/5
A good film and worth watching.

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One response to “Mum and Son Day; A Film Review of The Lego Batman Movie”

  1. Amanda Blackburn says:

    Thanks for sharing, my 6 year old would like to go and see this!