Reuben looking out over Lanzarote beach

Family Time at THB Tropical Island, Lanzarote

16th May 2018

We are recently back from our first holiday in Lanzarote. By recently back it has been a week now, can I still class that as recent? I’m going to. It was a lovely holiday, I don’t know why I was worried.

Pre Holiday Jitters

It seems so silly now to admit that I had pre holiday jitters but it seemed like a pretty big deal. It had been two and half years since Sam and I had flown, the children had never flown. Then there was all the things that go with flying with children, such as security with a pushchair. I’m comfortable getting myself through but this was a new experience. I struggle with the unknown.

Reuben struggles with loud noises. It makes him upset. No idea why as he is the loudest person I know. Anyway, I knew we were going to have to walk out to the plane and not through a tunnel straight onto the plane. This meant being outside where it was louder so this worried me. Then once we were ready to take off, the increase at acceleration meant things got loud, so this worried. You could say I was pretty worried.

My last concerns were a four-hour flight. Normally fine. Then throw in a 18 month old who likes to be active. Confine them on a flight, for four hours. Yep. More worry.

Worrying for Nothing

Turns out that I was worried for nothing. I mean don’t get me wrong, security, taking Jessica in and out of a pushchair. It was a pain. I wish I had taken my baby carrier if I’m honest. Hind sight is wonderful isn’t it?

Anyway, Reuben was a little worried by the noises but excitement got the better of him. He became very talkative but that was better than crying. When we came to take off the speed made him giggly but on the whole he was fine. Jessica, she slept through the first hour. They were both fine on the flight, plenty of snacks, colouring and nursery rhymes passed the four hours.

Family Time in Lanzarote

This really was family time, not only was it us but my sister and her squad and my parents. Ten of us in total. Huge party but it was great as it meant the kids got to spend time with each other. Something that does not happen enough! They loved it, absolutely loved it. What they also loved was having joining rooms! They were with one another all day every day.

The resort was lovely. It was huge, two hotels that had joined together. Plenty of pools, water park and places to walk. The kids had the best time. I have come to realise that holidays will not be relaxing for some time but that’s OK. Seeing the kids have the best time is a great feeling. There will be plenty of time of for relaxing when we are old(er).

Lazy Days in the Sun

Reuben spent most of his time in the pool. Well jumping in and out of the pool. He absolutely loved it. I’m sure he would have been in there from the time he got up to the time he went to bed if we let him. Jessica wasn’t as keen on the pool. It was pretty chilly and whilst she would stand in it up to her knees, she preferred to be walking around. Everywhere. There were some turtles that she visited several times a day. Then the fish, she loved going to see the fish eat. She became pretty obsessed with steps, she would walk up and down them. It made her so happy. Getting her to sit down was impossible.

Their absolute favourite was the kids disco. They loved it. I am still hearing the songs, albeit not sang correctly. They are dancing and singing round the house. As are we. The damn songs get stuck in your head and you just cannot shake them. We had such a great time. We will go abroad again for sure. I am already looking at places to go next year. I’m thinking Disney in Paris next year!! But who knows. We will have to see what happens.

We didn’t really visit many spots in Lanzarote, we stayed on the complex as well it felt easier! However after reading Paula’s post on places to visit in Lanzarote it seems that we missed out! Never mind, it’s a great excuse to go back!!

Have you been to Lanzarote? Where would you suggest for a great family holiday, I would love to hear below….

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