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Family First; Why I’m Running Behind

17th October 2017

You may have noticed that this last week I have not been around as much as normal. I’ve not written any posts, and social media has been a bit lacking. Whilst I am sorry that I have not been around, at the same time I am definitely not sorry. I had to put everything on the back burner and really put my family first.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that Jessica had been poorly, with a vomiting bug. We thought it was a 24 / 48 hour thing. But after a 24 hour break she was hit hard, really hard. She was poorly for a total of 10 days. 10 days of what appeared to be Norovirus. With sleep completely broken non-existent it was hard to function let alone do anything else other than washing bed sheets!

She recovered (just) in time for us to take our weekend break. It was amazing and there WILL be a write-up on it so watch this space!

September Statistics

So time to do a quick round-up on September! It feels like such a long time ago now

My Blog stats for September;

Blog Love

Some of my favourite posts for September were;

“Why Do We Label Ourselves?” by Mom of Two Little Girls

“Bonfire Night Cupcakes” by Passionfruit, Paws and Peonies

“Mummy Isn’t Needed” by Jaki Jellz

So there we have it! September is long gone and Autumn is here. We’re halfway through a very busy October and on the countdown to, dare I say it, Christmas! The kids are well, for now, and so it is definitely time for me to play catch up on all things blog related. It’s going to be a busy one!




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