Macaroons on elevated Petit Four plate

Elevated Petit Four Plate; A Party Showstopper!

24th July 2018

*We were sent the blue elevated Petit Four Plate in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

I’ve always been a social person. Being social has change for me over the years. In the past I used to like nothing more than going out partying until the small hours. Now the only time I see the small hours is when the kids have me awake. I am OK with this. My idea of socialising is different now. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy going out (now and again) but I much prefer having people over for dinner or enjoying afternoon teas. It means that I get the opportunity to grow my dinner sets and serving plates. That’s part of the fun, picking pretty plates to show off some delicious treats.

So when AnnaVasily contacted me personally to ask if I would like to work with her I was over the moon. Have you heard about AnnaVasily designer tableware? For those that do not know, AnnaVasily makes the most beautiful pieces of tableware.


The Anna Vasily brand is relatively new being launched in 2017 although Anna has been working with glass since the 1980’s. The pieces are made in Europe and then stored in Melbourne.

Anna’s tableware products are used in some of the world’s most demanding hotels and belong to the top chef dinnerware design choices, which is a testament to just how good the quality is. The great thing with the AnnaVasily brand is that it is only available at her online store making it unique. They are also so pretty and absolutely perfect for entertaining at home.

We were sent the blue elevated Petit Four plate – and it didn’t disappoint.

Elevated Petit Four Plate

Macaroons on Petit Four platePackaging

The plate had to be delivered to me in the UK, from Australia. That’s quite a journey.

I’ll admit I was a little worried that it would be damaged when it arrived. I needn’t have! The plate was packed very well with layers of bubble wrap and then tightly secured in a box. That box was then inside another box. So it was definitely protected.

The Plate Specifics

The plate is a good size to sit centre stage at your dinner party. It is 30.5cm in length, 9.5cm in width and stands 2.5cm tall.
AnnaVasily promises that it is lead and cadmium free which is much safer for us. It is scratch proof AND comes with an anti-chipping guarantee.

Macaroons on Petit Four plateOur Thoughts

The plate is very pretty to look at. With a deep blue colour it provides the perfect contrast against light table cloths. The pattern on the glass, which is almost floral, is a nice elegant touch. When you hold the plate you can feel that it has been well made. It has a good weight and has a feeling of being durable.

The elevation on the plate comes from the four glass feet. On glass pieces you would probably expect any ‘feet’ to be quite delicate but this is not the case on this plate. The feet are strong and sturdy, just like the plate. They do not feel like they will break very easily, if at all.

What I really love is the smooth finish on the glass, even though you can see the bubble like texture through it.

This Petit Four Plate really is quite a show stopper. I love that they also have other pieces to match the collection which I may have to look at investing into as well. Now I just need to organise for some friends to come over!

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