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17th July 2018

*We was sent some of Dr Konopka’s skin care to try out in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. Some links may be affiliate, this will not affect your purchase, read more here.

Those who read my blog regularly know that this year I have been trying to make more of an effort to look after myself a bit more. If I am honest it was going well and then I had a lull. Now I am trying to make an effort, even if it is just changing some of my skin care products. I love trying out skin care ranges. I’m not sure if it is the smell of all the different fragrances or my quest to find the perfect eye cream for my tired (dark circled) eyes. Recently Nature’s Dream were kind enough to send me out a few products from Dr Konopka’s skin care range. I have spent the last few weeks trying them out!

Dr Konopka’s Skin Care Range

Dr Konopka's Skin Care ProductsDr Konopka’s skin care range has a wide selection of products, from shampoo to eye cream to body wash and much more. The range is certified as Natural, Organic, and Vegan Approved.

The packaging is very floral giving off the vibe that it full of natural products that will be great for your skin. We were sent four products. Multi-purpose cream, thick deep cleansing body soap, Herbal Essence N54 Hydrating spray and Anti Puffiness Eye Serum.

Dr Konopka’s Thick Deep Cleansing Body Soap

Dr Konopka's Body SoapOut of all the products this is probably the worst to look at, the strangest to touch but my absolute favourite!

I opened the massive tub and was greeted with a thick dark green, almost black thick gloop. It’s the only way I can describe it. At first, I must admit, it did put me off but close your eyes and smell it and it smelled nice. It was subtle a scent, none of the highly perfumed scents that I would say that I am used to.

The great thing about this is that a little really does go a very long way. I would assume it is because of how thick it is. A small amount, lathers up really well. Once it is lathered up the smell is stronger. Whilst it is a stronger smell, it is still not a perfumed scent. The only way I can describe it, is that it smells fresh. It smells clean.

What I really love is the way that it feels on your skin. It feels smooth and soft, almost soothing. My skin is left feeling refreshed in the mornings after a shower. It is quite possibly one of my favourite soaps that I have used and it is definitely something that I will buy again.

Dr Konopka’s Multi Purpose Cream

Dr Konopka's multi purpose creamOrganic rose, Cloudberry and Mulberry Extracts, Shea Butter and Organic Rosemary oil. Mixed together and put in a tub with delicate pinks and roses for the packaging. Everything about this had caught my eye.

The smell when you opened it was just lovely. I love shea butter.
The cream itself is quite thick, and feels rich in texture. As with the body wash a little goes a very long way. Too much and it is a struggle to rub it in. I did find that when you first used the cream it felt as though it didn’t absorb properly. Almost a little greasy but this didn’t last long. Once the cream had absorbed my skin felt soft and stayed soft for many hours. I found it worked really well on my hands and has kept them soft when they have been drying out in the sun.

Dr Konopka’s Anti-Puffiness Eye Gel

Dr Konopka's Anti Puffiness Eye GelI have tested a few eye gels and serums out, each slightly different in what area they treat. Being a mum to two under 5 who love getting up at anything from 5am onwards, I really can’t wait to find ‘the cream’ that solves my dark circle problem.

This gel is to reduce puffiness, not dark circles. Does it work? I have used it, but not every day. The days I have used it have followed tough nights and my eyes do seem to be less puffy and more awake. The gel is thicker than any other gel I have used. Because of this it is important to make sure you use the smallest amount otherwise I was finding that it felt quite heavy on my skin.

The gel did feel almost a little sticky and it took a while to absorb into the eye area. I never rub cream here, I simply dab it around the area and allow it to be absorbed. This is quite a thick gel and so when I use it I have to put it on with plenty of time to be absorbed. So for example, I would put it on and then blow dry my hair, or something similar. Then it is ready for my make up to go on over the top.

I did like this, however because it is thick and sticky it is one that I tend to use only on days that my eyes feel puffy. Rather than using it every day.

Dr Konopka’s Herbal Essence Deep Hydrating Spray

Dr Konopka's moisturising sprayThe spray is a mix of ashberry, lavender, peppermint, chamomile, water-lily, angelica, hamamelis and melissa.

I really liked the idea of this spray, especially with this heat wave. My first thoughts were that it would be very cooling and smell nice. Just what I need in this weather to keep me fresh all day.

I will be honest in that it was cooling and the spray felt refreshing. However, I did not like the scent at all. It wasn’t that it was offensive as it wasn’t. I asked my husband what he thought and he was of a similar opinion that it just wasn’t nice. It’s difficult to describe but I can only assume it is because I like quite sweet smells. Smells that remind you of summer and sunshine. This wasn’t like that. Perhaps it is a seasonal thing and should I try it in the autumn when scents aren’t so sweet then I would like it. I’m not sure. On paper I should like it as I love peppermint and lavender. Perhaps it is one to put on the shelf and try later in the year.

Have you tried the Dr Konopka’s range? I would love to know your thoughts below…..

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