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9th January 2019

*We were sent the Grower’s Cup Coffeebrewer in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

I am a self-confessed coffee lover. Coffee isn’t something I drink just to help with the sleepless nights (although it helps), I actually really enjoy it. Well ‘proper’ coffee anyway. We get through lots of coffee. In our house currently we have instant coffee, for when we are in a rush, but we also have a pod machine, a drip filter coffee machine and two cafetières. And they all get used! So when we were given the opportunity to try out Grower’s Cup concept combining the quality of a coffee press with the convenience of instant I was very interested, and excited. Would I finally be able to ditch the instant coffee and have ground coffee every day?

Grower’s Cup Coffeebrewers

So what is it? Well, it’s quite novel really. Grower’s Cup have designed their coffeebrewer out of environmentally friend kraft paper. It has a thin plastic lining and the spout is also plastic. They compare it to that of a milk carton. The coffeebrewer ‘pouches’ can also be reused which I thought was a great idea. As long as you kept the outside dry you could just empty out the coffee grounds, rinse it out and then pop your own in and use again and again.

Contents of Coffeebrewer gift boxThe idea is that you open your pouch, pour in your water, seal the bag and leave. After 5 minutes or so you are ready to serve. The bag has markers on for the water fill depending on if you want a strong or mild cup of coffee. The pouch serves 2 150ml cups of coffee so you can share it or use it entirely for yourself.

The filter in the coffeebrewer is designed so that as soon as you start pouring your coffee out, the brewing process stops, ensuring the perfect coffee for both cups. No bitter, over brewed coffee! I cannot comment on this feature as hubby keeps stealing sharing the coffee with me.

Grower’s Cup Coffeebrewer Gift Box

We were sent the Coffeebrewer Gift Box. This has ten coffeebrewer pouches with five different varieties included. The design of the packaging is lovely. Simple, yet elegant and you can see that all the details have been carefully thought about. A neat brown box with the coffee bean plant printed on. Black sleeve with gold writing and coffee bean plant print. If you were receiving it as a gift you would be happy.

What I really liked was that there wasn’t excessive use of cardboard. It was not wasteful like some products you receive. It had used what it needed and only what it needed. The only excessive use of cardboard came from the Amazon box it arrived in, but that’s no surprise really and not something Grower’s Cup have control over.

We checked over the instructions which were simple. Remove cap, open coffeebrewer, pour in water, brew, enjoy. We weren’t getting that wrong were we, and it definitely sounded convenient.

Coffeebrewer brewing coffeeConvenient coffee over Christmas

I was so happy to have received this over Christmas. We had holidays, we had planned lots of lazy, laid back mornings. What better time to indulge in some new coffees!

Remove the cap. Check. First step completed. The smell. Oh my! Honestly, that fresh coffee smell that all coffee lovers love. Yep. Immediately hit me as soon as I broke the cap off. It was amazing and intense. So far, so good!

Open coffeebrewer. This was sealed more tightly than I thought it would be. I’m not sure what I was expecting. Of course it was sealed tightly, it has to be to keep the coffee fresh. It was just tougher to pull apart than I thought it would be. I was worried I would pull too much and throw coffee everywhere.

Pour water in and brew. Once the coffeebrewer is ‘shaped’ and open, the top is quite narrow. Once you start pouring the water in the opening widens. You can decide on coffee strength and then use the water fill guidelines to make the perfect coffee. Leave to brew and pour.

Drink. The easy part. This coffee is divine. Taste always starts with smell and it smells amazing. Smooth, rich coffee. Perfect coffee every time!

Pouring coffee from coffeebrewerConvenience Conclusion.

So, is this convenient? Will it give you coffee press coffee with the convenience of instant. Well, yes and no.

I don’t find making cafetière coffee inconvenient. Sure, it takes a little longer than instant but it’s still fairly quick to make. Does the coffeebrewer reduce the time? Well, no. You would still need to leave the coffee brewing for 5/6 minutes before you pour it. It does come ready to make so there’s no measuring out coffee so it saves some time there. Also, the tidy up is quicker. Because of these reasons, I have been using them in the morning when getting ready for the school run. It’s been nice to have good coffee before work each day.

When do I think it is convenient?
Well on the move really. Because they come in ‘pouches’ they fit in your bag. So, now I can grab one and take it to work. Or, when we go on a picnic I take a flask of hot water and make a coffee whilst enjoying the fresh air. Similarly, if we are going away, pack some coffee and I know, no matter what, we will have a great cup of coffee!

Great Gift?

It’s a novel, quirky, tasty gift. Perfect for coffee lovers, or perfect to give someone a gift that isn’t chocolate or flowers. I’m sure that anyone receiving this gift would be happy. Perhaps some nice biscuits to go with it!

Coffeebrewer gift boxHave you tried Grower’s Cup Coffeebrewer? What did you think?

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