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Children & Bathroom Safety; Preventing Accidents

17th June 2018

The bathroom can be a fun place for young children. It also can be dangerous. It’s full of various hazards. If not child-proofed an accident or potentially serious injury can occur. Even if they are never without an adult supervision in the bathroom, just a second of not paying attention is enough for a small child to eat something they shouldn’t, injure themselves by doing something silly or simply falling on a slippery floor.

Here are some basic measures to prevent (or at least reduce the risk of) bathroom accidents and injuries to young ones:

Lock everything you can.

Install safety locks on the toilet, bathroom cabinets, sliding shower door, etc. Even your rubbish bin is potentially very unsafe for a young child. Just think of all those sharp razors and things you don’t want your child to touch and much less to put in their mouth. However, be sure not to forget to lock them after use. If you tend to forget, consider removing potentially dangerous items from your bathroom or keep them out of the reach of your child.

Keep your bathroom as clean as possible.

They say that a little bit of germs will do no harm. In fact, according to some studies, it is actually beneficial to let your child to get a little bit dirty and germy. However, you don’t want your child to touch or lick a dirty toilet seat or play with mould and mildew. Not only it is gross, but potentially very harmful too. So be sure to clean your bathroom on a regular basis.

Bath TapPut non-slip mats on the floor and bathtub/shower.

Young children tend to be very prone to falling even after they have mastered walking. In addition, they always tend to be in a hurry. Add to this wet and slippery floor and you have a disaster waiting to happen. Falling in the bathroom can be very dangerous, you are highly recommended to put non-slip mats on floors and bathtubs/showers. It is also a good idea to set the water temperature to a maximum 48 degrees Celsius or consider getting a shower such as Redring showers which include temperature control.

Make sure your child is always supervised by an adult when in the bathroom.

This is one of the most important rules of all. Even if your bathroom is 100% child-proof, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for your child to play in it without an adult supervision. Make sure your child is always looked after by an adult when in the bathroom and to keep the door closed – or better still, locked – when not in use.

*This is a collaborative post

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