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We Disappeared but We Are Back!

7th October 2018

Hello! It has been a long time since we wrote or published anything. It is almost as if we disappeared, but we are back! 
Firstly a bit of an apology for not giving any notice that we were going to be away. It is not without good reason, I assure you. So what’s been happening? Well, we moved.

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Our Autumn-Winter Watchlist

19th September 2018

Nowadays I prefer finding a great series to watch and there have been so many to chose from. Our watchlist grows ALL the time and whilst we watch Now TV and Amazon, I have to say that Netflix are really standing out for us at the moment. So, I thought we would share what’s on our watchlist…

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Shine Walk number and tshirt

Shine Night Walk for Cancer Research

11th September 2018

Each year I try to do a charity event, it’s normally for Cancer Research. The wonderful work they do and in honour of my Grandad. I’ve taken part in the Race for Life 5km, Pretty Muddy 5km, and 10,000 steps a day challenge. This time I am going to be doing the Shine Night Walk.

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Jessica in the woods

My Lovely Jessica on Your Second Birthday

27th August 2018

Today is your second birthday.
It doesn’t feel like a year ago I wrote about you turning one, let alone two years ago since you came into the world. The time has gone by so quickly.

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Reuben in the grass

A Thank You For Looking After my Son

14th August 2018

4 years and 2 months is a long time to be in someone’s life, especially when that someone isn’t even 5 yet. As Reuben is getting ready to go to ‘big school’ I wanted to take this time to say a thank you to the nursery.

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I Love Summer Because…….

26th June 2018

I am so excited that summer is here. I love everything about Summer. The birds chirping, even at 5am. Waking up to sunny skies rather than dull clouds. Everyone just seems to be so much happier. The sun definitely has a positive impact on everyones mood. What I love the most is that it makes me feel more social.

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toddler hand under a tap with running water

Children & Bathroom Safety; Preventing Accidents

17th June 2018

The bathroom can be a fun place for young children. It also can be dangerous. It’s full of various hazards. If not child-proofed an accident or potentially serious injury can occur. Here are some basic measures to prevent (or at least reduce the risk of) bathroom accidents and injuries to young ones.

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Mental Health spelled on scrabble tiles

Thoughts On Confronting Mental Health Issues

6th June 2018

Whatever your personal situation, you need to value the health of your mind. When you neglect your physical health, the consequences are more noticeable. However, that doesn’t mean your mental health is any less important. The pain is just hidden beneath the surface. It’s time to confront your mental health issues.

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children playing outside

5 Garden Activities to Keep the Kids Outside!

5th June 2018

Looking for some garden activities to keep the kids amused this summer? We’ve found some great ideas to help you out this summer!

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child washing dishes

Skills To Teach Your Children Even When They’re Young

31st May 2018

As we get older we pick up skills and knowledge that will help us. For many parents, we don’t feel the need to teach them certain skills until their older. Some skills should be taught from a young age because they can prove to be useful for both parents and child alike. Take a look at these 6 skills to teach your children even when they’re young.

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