Small Talk


Time to Ditch the Labels and Accept They Are Learning?

16th July 2017

Our children say more hurtful things and sometimes it feels like they pretty much hate us. We will all discuss which is the worst phase and what we have to ‘look forward to’ but in this are we considering what are children are going through?

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raspberry heart

10 Things That Make Me Happy

11th July 2017

I think it is really important to spend time appreciating the good things in your life. We all live such busy lives that it is too easy to rush through each day without reflecting on the little things.

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June diary

Looking Back Over June!

4th July 2017

Half way through the year! June has been and gone. Summer solstice happened and we’re in the middle of a temperamental summer. I just do not know where the time has gone.

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Adopt a cat; Lola

Adopt a Cat; And Lola Makes Five

28th June 2017

We met Lola and instantly fell in love with her. She was so affectionate and friendly. She wasn’t shy around the children and they loved her just as much.

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New mum jo and Reuben

New Mum Struggles; It Does Get Easier.

12th June 2017

I hadn’t thought about how I would feel. How I would change, how everything would change.
I knew it would change but I didn’t think about how!

The hardest thing for me as a new mum was that I no longer felt like me.

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Little One - Reuben & Jessica playing

The Little One Tag; All About The Baby and The Boy!

7th June 2017

I’m three Mummy and I’ll be four in October! The best thing about being three is being Batman, obviously! I get to run around in my Batman cape and save people. And then when I’m finished being Batman I can be Spiderman or Iron Man. It’s great!

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June diary

May’s Musing; A Monthly Review.

4th June 2017

Here we are in June! Officially it is summer and we are almost halfway through the year. Time to reflect on May…..

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mum holding babies foot

Have ‘Modern Mothers Lost the Plot’?

1st June 2017

This week I saw an article in The Telegraph where Celebrity maternity nurse Rachel Waddilove has spoken out about her views on ‘modern mothers’ you can read that here.

Now on the most part I can’t help but think what a load of bull! However, I do think that on some points there is some value to what she says.

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26 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me!

26th May 2017

So the idea is that I tell you lovely lot things about me using the alphabet, one for each letter! So here goes, 26 things that you probably don’t know about me.

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Jo and her sister going down the pretty muddy slide

Race Day Pretty Muddy 5K – We Did It!

21st May 2017

The first one was the climbing over the durdles and trudging through knee deep water before climbing back out – TWICE! The initial getting wet is always the worst and after this we were squelching round the course.

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