Our Top 12 Christmas Gifts 2018

20th November 2018

Christmas is a matter of weeks away, we have so many gifts to buy. So we’ve picked our top 12 Christmas Gifts for 2018. Christmas Essentials, Gifts for the Kids, For Her and For Him…

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Chocolates from Clinton

Christmas is Covered with Clintons

13th November 2018

The norm for me is that by now I have almost finished Christmas shopping. This year I have barely started! I’m a little behind! I have no idea how people leave shopping to the last minute as I’m already panicking. Luckily Clintons Retail cater for all things Christmas!

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Blerk - one of the beaker creatures

Discovering the Beaker Creatures!

30th October 2018

Learning Resources asked us to try their “Beaker Creatures”. It was something I had already seen and knew Reuben would love. We had planned on getting it for his Birthday. Agreeing to test this one out was easy! Here’s what we thought…

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Botley the Coding Robot

Coding for Kids with Botley the Coding Robot

31st July 2018

Learning Resources make learning fun. We recently their put Botley the Coding Robot through the testing of an almost-5-year old. Here’s what we thought..

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Macaroons on elevated Petit Four plate

Elevated Petit Four Plate; A Party Showstopper!

24th July 2018

Have you heard about AnnaVasily designer tableware? For those that do not know, AnnaVasily makes the most beautiful pieces of tableware. We were sent the blue elevated Petit Four plate – and it didn’t disappoint.

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Dr Konopka's moisturising spray

Dr Konopka’s Skincare Range

17th July 2018

I have been trying to make more of an effort to look after myself a bit more. I love trying out different skincare ranges. Recently Nature’s Dream were kind enough to send me out a few products from Dr Konopka’s skincare range. I have spent the last few weeks trying them out!

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Exit the Game set up & Popcorn in a bowl

Big Kidz Date Night; A Wicked Uncle Review

10th July 2018

Wicked Uncle have a new section called “Big Kidz” aimed at everyone over 13! And I mean everyone! I even managed to find something for our date night!

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Reuben & Jessica on Fun Bike

Back to Butlins; Sunshine in Skegness

20th June 2018

We made a return trip to Butlins for their Just For Tots Week. This year both children were the perfect age and this was a perfect holiday for them (and us)

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Hair mask

Organic Shop Haircare; Coconut & Shea

8th May 2018

I love trying out different shampoos and conditioners. They all smell so lovely and I love seeing which ones make my hair feel the nicest. Finding one that ticksĀ all the boxes is really hard. Good price, good quality, great ingredients. It’s tough! I was recently sent some items from the Organic Shop Haircare range to try out.

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Saddle Bag contents

‘Saddle Bag First Aid Kit’ – Safety by SJ Works

23rd April 2018

Reuben started being able to ride a bike last year and loves it. He’s got pretty quick too, no more running next to him. We will need to be out on bikes too. I have to admit I’m pretty excited. I can see there will be accidents, probably me! So thank goodness we were sent SJ Works Saddle Bag First Aid kit to review.

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