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Jo, Sam, Reuben and Jessica sitting on a couch

Girls Are Easier than Boys; Or Are They?

22nd January 2017

When I was pregnant with Jessica, everyone told me that girls are easier than boys. They are calmer and more laid back than boys.
So are girls easier?

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mother breastfeeding baby

The Up’s and Down’s of Breastfeeding

16th January 2017

I’m fortunate as I have been able to breast feed both of our babies.
I am also honest enough to say that is has been one of the hardest things that I have done; other than give birth!

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Jo and her firstborn Reuben

To My Firstborn- Please Don’t Feel Left Out; You’re Still My Boy!

10th January 2017

When you have a baby you know your life is going to change, but nothing really prepares you for it. The instant love, the bonds you grow and your completely new outlook on, well everything.
This is what happened when Reuben came into our lives.
Everything changed and it all happened so fast.

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sam and reuben walking holding hands

Stranger Danger for Toddlers

4th January 2017

Today Reuben had asked to go for a walk, and as it was a nice day I agreed it was a good idea.

Reuben is great when it comes to going out walking; he will stay by my side at the roads, stop and check if it’s clear to cross and does as I ask. I really couldn’t ask for him to be any better.

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man doing yoga outside

Boys have Body Issues Too

1st January 2017

Of more than 1,000 eight- to 18-year-old boys polled, 55% would consider changing their diet to look better and 23% said they believed there was a perfect male body. (As per the BBC Article)
8 years old and would consider a diet! At 8 years old you’re a child! Your biggest concern should be when you can go out on your bike next, not what diet to go on.

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baby hand holding finger

Post Pregnancy – The Bits No-One Tell You.

19th December 2016

I’m now at almost four months post pregnancy and my hormones have dropped, with that my hair has started to fall out.
This time round it hasn’t come as a shock, in fact I had been waiting for it to start, however that was a different story when I had Reuben.

Was it that it was only happening to me?

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snoopy bad day picture

Just One Bad Day

14th December 2016

Well yesterday was a pretty tough day!

I should have known it was going to be tough when my day started with an explosive nappy and yellow poo all over a lovely white sleep suit, but hey I was optimistic. More fool me!

Jessica is currently teething! Yep, a drooling and very unhappy 3 month old baby right now and to top it off she has been trying to refuse her naps. Not going to happen lady!

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