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Time to Ditch the Labels and Accept They Are Learning?

16th July 2017

Our children say more hurtful things and sometimes it feels like they pretty much hate us. We will all discuss which is the worst phase and what we have to ‘look forward to’ but in this are we considering what are children are going through?

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New mum jo and Reuben

New Mum Struggles; It Does Get Easier.

12th June 2017

I hadn’t thought about how I would feel. How I would change, how everything would change.
I knew it would change but I didn’t think about how!

The hardest thing for me as a new mum was that I no longer felt like me.

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mum holding babies foot

Have ‘Modern Mothers Lost the Plot’?

1st June 2017

This week I saw an article in The Telegraph where Celebrity maternity nurse Rachel Waddilove has spoken out about her views on ‘modern mothers’ you can read that here.

Now on the most part I can’t help but think what a load of bull! However, I do think that on some points there is some value to what she says.

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at work in office

Mummy Guilt; My First Week Back at Work

14th May 2017

Worst of all, I felt shamed that part of me was excited to be going back. Why would I be excited about being at work and away from my children? That’s not right is it?

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Woman putting boots on

8 Tips On How To Get To Work On Time With More Than One Child

3rd May 2017

It was always a struggle to get out of the house on time with just Reuben. You know what it is like with, then two year old. Mornings would consist of “Let’s get you dressed Reuben”, “Can you eat your breakfast Reuben” and “Reuben we’re running late, come on”. Now throw in a baby, how am I going to get out of the house on time?

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Reuben playing

Testosterone Surge in Preschoolers; Fact or Myth?

23rd April 2017

A friend had mentioned that boys tend to get like this at around 3 or 4 years old as they have a surge of testosterone. I’ve never heard of this, but thought it seemed plausible. I decided to spend some time looking into it and trying to find out some more information.

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rocking motherhood tag

10 Reasons Why I’m Rocking Motherhood!

23rd March 2017

I have seen a few of the posts for the #RockingMotherhood tag and I love the idea which was started by Pat at White Camelias.
We all know to well parenting is one of the hardest but best things that we are all going through.
It is a crazy rollercoaster with ups and downs.

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Returning To Work, workstation, coffee cup and computer set up

Returning to Work After Maternity Leave; The Reality

9th March 2017

There was no question about it. It was something that was just a given. I would return to work.
It was at this point that I saw it, black and white. My wages were not enough and I was considering the reality that I may be better to not go back to work.

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Baby Jessica

Labour and Birth Part Two; My Wonderful Water Birth

28th February 2017

My due date for Jessica was the August bank holiday. I was so worried about going through the same experience I had with Reuben where my contractions went on for days. Here is how Jessica arrived in the world.

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Baby Reuben Swaddled

Labour and Birth Part One; Back to Back Hurts

20th February 2017

Everyone loves a good labour and birth story. As I have had two very different experiences I am writing this in two parts.

Part One; Reuben. Reuben was back to back and gave me three days of contractions before he made an appearance.

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