Glen Farm Bell Tent

The Kids Go Glamping at Glen Farm

15th January 2019

It seems a lifetime ago now that we took the kids glamping at Glen Farm. The weeks have flown past and this is the first time I’ve had chance to actually write about our weekend away! But it was such a fab, fun packed weekend that I just have to share it.

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Hope spelled on scrabble tiles

2019 Hopes; Reflecting on 2019

2nd January 2019

2019 hopes. I’ve had years where I have made resolutions and promises to myself and not stuck to them. This year is about being hopeful. If I am hopeful, I can be positive yet have no pressure. 

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Bowling House Bowling Lanes

Rainy Day Fun at Bowling House, Norwich

23rd October 2018

We was recently invited to Bowling House, Norwich to try out their swanky venue. A date night or family day, we could decide. As it coincided with Reuben’s birthday we picked a family afternoon. I was a little worried that Jessica may not be entertained after all she’s two, but we were pleasantly surprised…

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Jessica in the woods

My Lovely Jessica on Your Second Birthday

27th August 2018

Today is your second birthday.
It doesn’t feel like a year ago I wrote about you turning one, let alone two years ago since you came into the world. The time has gone by so quickly.

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Reuben in the grass

A Thank You For Looking After my Son

14th August 2018

4 years and 2 months is a long time to be in someone’s life, especially when that someone isn’t even 5 yet. As Reuben is getting ready to go to ‘big school’ I wanted to take this time to say a thank you to the nursery.

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hands making a heart shape over sunset

I Love Summer Because…….

26th June 2018

I am so excited that summer is here. I love everything about Summer. The birds chirping, even at 5am. Waking up to sunny skies rather than dull clouds. Everyone just seems to be so much happier. The sun definitely has a positive impact on everyones mood. What I love the most is that it makes me feel more social.

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Reuben & Jessica on Fun Bike

Back to Butlins; Sunshine in Skegness

20th June 2018

We made a return trip to Butlins for their Just For Tots Week. This year both children were the perfect age and this was a perfect holiday for them (and us)

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Reuben looking out over Lanzarote beach

Family Time at THB Tropical Island, Lanzarote

16th May 2018

We are recently back from our holiday in Lanzarote. By recently back it has been a week now, can I still class that as recent? I’m going to. I have come to realise that holidays will not be relaxing for some time but that’s OK. Seeing the kids have the best time is a great feeling. There will be plenty of time of for relaxing when we are old(er).

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Bibetta Placemat

#MessNoStress with Bibetta Placemats

4th March 2018

Kids equal Mess. That’s a fact. There’s no getting away from it. It’s also no secret that it is one of the most difficult things I have had to learn to embrace. I struggle. I’ve struggled for 4 years and I don’t expect the struggle to disappear anytime soon.
Bibetta approached me to see if I would like to take part in their #MessNoStress campaign and they were going to send me out some Placemats to help me with that. Perfect! I’m in!

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Jo and Sam on wedding day

National Marriage Week 7-14 February

13th February 2018

National Marriage Week is 7th to the 14th February. As it is National Marriage Week, it seems the perfect time to let you have a peek into one of the best days of our lives.

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