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Back to Butlins; Sunshine in Skegness

20th June 2018

I have written about Butlins before. It was our first holiday and Jessica was only a baby. Reuben enjoyed it so much and always referred to it as ‘his happy place’ and so we decided we would return. We had so much fun on the Just For Tots Week that it was a no-brainer that we would pick the same week. As we had our Lanzarote holiday booked for April, this year Butlins would need to be later. We picked June in the hope that this year we had lots of sunshine and could spend our days outside.

Butlins, Skegness

Fairground Apartments

This year we rebooked and got to stay in the Fairground apartments. Whilst these didn’t feel as close to the skyline as the seaside apartments they were perfectly place for the fair. A place the kids loved. The kids loved the little touches, the star lights and the fairground mirror in the living area. It kept the busy for ages.

We felt that the fairground apartments were actually bigger than the apartment we had last year. The layout in the living area felt more spaced out. The only thing I would have laid out differently is the room plan. The twin room was by the front door and the double room toward the back. I would have preferred the other way round, especially as the door lock was at a reachable level for my 4-year-old. It would be a comfort thing to know they couldn’t attempt to get out without passing my bedroom door.

Our Happy Place

I can assure you that this year Butlins became both our children’s happy place. How could it not?! We had lovely dry, sunny weather. This meant lots of outside activities!

The fun fair was a massive hit, they couldn’t get enough of the rides and asked to go on every day. They seemed to really enjoy being chauffeured around on the bikes. Reuben especially who kept shouting directions and telling us to go faster.
Then there was the time spent in the pool, the lazy river was a favourite of Jessica’s and she was waving and smiling the whole way round.
Not to mention the shows. We saw Mr Bloom, Cinderella Rocks, The Mr Men, The Teletubbies, The Skyline Gang, the Puppet Shows. There was so much choice of what we could do, we ran out of time to do everything that we (Reuben) wanted to do.

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As with last time we didn’t opt to add-on any food package. We like the freedom to be able to choose what we want to do. Mostly we ate in the apartment. We did go out one evening to Pub & Kitchen. It was such great value for money.

The children ate from the Tots Menu. Just £3.95! I have never had a kid’s meal cost so little in a restaurant. It wasn’t a skimpy serving either. They had nibbles while they waited, then their main course (Jessica’s would have been enough for me!) and then a lolly for dessert. It also included a drink.

Sam and I both ordered from the main menu which had a really good choice and very reasonable prices.

The food was cooked really well and the service was very good. There wasn’t any long waits even when the place became really busy.

All in all we paid just under £40 for our meals and that included a beer and a large wine for me. Really good value and a place I would highly recommend.

Things We Wished We Had Known

Mr Bloom was going to be as popular as it was. Obviously the mums children really wanted to see the show. Doors open at the Centre Stage at 1.15. By 1 the queue was round to puppet theatre. If you’re not familiar with the skyline, it is halfway round. We were able to get seats so it wasn’t a problem. However, if you want your pick of the seats or to be at the front you will need to be REALLY early or pay extra for a special wrist band.

Cinderella Rocks. This is a great Panto. If you are going to see anything, make this your go to show. We all absolutely loved it. It catered for everyone. The kids loved Buttons and for us the Step Mother made the show. If you can sit in the middle of the lower floor. I won’t spoil the reasons why but I will tell you the kids would love it.

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When it came to leaving we all felt a little deflated as Butlins is a place where you have so much choice. So many things to do, shows to see. The kids had a permanent smile on their faces. No sooner had we drove off the complex did Reuben ask when we would be going back. It isn’t something we have answered yet as the truth is we just don’t know. One thing is for sure, just like everyone who goes to Butlins, if we can fit in another Just for Tots week then we intend to!!

Have you been on the Just for Tots holidays? Or maybe a different time? What’s your favourite part of Butlins. We would love to know below.


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