Reuben & Jessica in Sibling t-shirts

Teether Sibling T-Shirts (Ad; Gifted)

9th April 2019

*We were sent two Sibling T-Shirts from Teether in exchange for an honest review. All thought are our own.

Recently we were sent some sibling T-shirts for the kids. “Big Bro” and “Little Sister”. I thought the kids would look so cute in these and hoped that they liked them.

When we put the order in they really didn’t take long to be delivered. I was quite surprised. And what I also liked was that they arrived in a small cardboard box, not the excessive sized boxes for small items, or with an abundance of plastic!

Big Bro & Little Sister Sibling T-Shirts

I wanted to have a look at these before showing the kids. They would see them and immediately need to put them on, you know what kids are like.

The T-shirts felt like they were great quality. Not cheap and thin but they were soft and felt like they had been made well. The foil print looked good. Pink foil for “sister” and a gold for “bro”. Perfect for my two as Jessica is obsessed with pink and Reuben has a thing about gold.

Little Sister LogoThe sizing of the t-shirts is what you would expect it to be. I always struggle with sizing of clothes, especially Jessica who is very small for her age. I ordered Reuben size 5-6. He is moving very quickly into 6-year-old clothing but this was a great fit. Jessica is almost 3, depending where I shop depends on the size. Some clothes she is in 12 -18 month, others she will wear an age 2 with growing room! I decided to opted for the 1-2 year old size and it fits her really well.

Kids in Sibling T-Shirts

When the kids saw the tops they weren’t overly enthusiastic until Reuben read the slogan and loved it. He loved it so Jessica loved it. They looked cute playing in them. We even had comments when we went out to the shops, including where was Mummy and Daddy’s! Reuben loved the attention, he loves any excuse to talk about how old he is and how old Jessica is. Well, just an excuse to talk to everyone!!

Washing at 30

The T-shirts are white, the kids are messy. By the time we got to lunchtime, there was marks all over the tops. By the end of the day I was worried that they were going to be ruined. Especially with pasta sauce on them and the instructions advising to wash at 30. There was no way the stains were going to come out. I do have stain removed but I decided to try without, to see how they washed up.

I was pleasantly surprised. We washed them at 30, I also use an Eco-egg and not a hard, chemical based detergent. I was expecting small stains on but there wasn’t. Not one! They washed up clean and white!

Big Bro LogoI was also concerned that the foil may crack on a wash. I’m guessing this is why the wash is on a 30, to avoid this from happening as so far, it hasn’t they still look great. I actually think part of me hopes they do crack a little to make them look a little older. I do like seeing clothes look good as they age with rips or cracks. Gives them a different look.


They range from 0-3months to 13-14 years old, although I’m not sure that children that age would probably wear them. More likely the younger children and I would say that they would be a massive hit when new babies are born! Could anything be any cuter. The price is also the same regardless of age. This was something that I was surprised about as you normally expect a 13-14 year old top to cost more than a 0-3month top given there is more material.

The kids liked them and I also liked them. They are well priced and a good quality. If you like slogan tops, matching tops or brother and sister ranges then this would be a lovely addition!

Do you have Teether Sibling T-shirts? What did you think?


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