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August Adventures; Looking Back

6th September 2017

Here we are almost a week into September. The holidays are over and the children are going back to, or starting preschools or schools and here we are all emotional because are babies are growing up! The days, months and years go by too fast and so here we are looking back on yet another month gone by.

The Family.

A big month for us as Jessica turned one. We had a weekend of celebrations followed by a week of well deserved family time. We picked a lovely week and the weather was great. Jessica was a bit overwhelmed by the whole birthday thing, she was tired and teary after a couple of days so a relaxed day was needed.

We didn’t go away for the holiday, we had a couple of days out. We went to Skylark Maze one day and then later in the week we went to Whipsnade Zoo, there will be a post on this so keep your eye’s peeled!!

The Blog

In August I had my most popular post, EVER! Whilst to some 42 Facebook shares isn’t much to me it was. It was nice to share a post that included so many other lovely bloggers and their stories. If you haven’t seen it you can read it here.

We also got the chance to work with some lovely brands such as Peachy Fox, Sensse and PurePotions. Some really lovely products so if you’ve not seen them pop over and have a read, maybe treat yourself!

Guest Posts:

The lovely Emily at Twin Mummy and Daddy hosts a “Brilliant Mum” feature. It was a pleasure to be invited to take part, you can read it here.

I shared what my day looks like over with the lovely Laura from Dear Bear and Beany, you can check it out here.

My Blog stats for August;

Blog Love

Some of my favourite posts for August are; 

Looks Like We Made It – By Laura at Five Little Doves
Laura always writes such moving posts, I cannot begin to imagine what it was like for her or her beautiful daughter going through a tough year but they made it! Head over and have a read….

Birth Trauma Awareness Week – By Becki at Mum From Brum
Becki talks openly about her birth trauma in the hope to raise awareness. Please head over and share some support.

I’m Not Just a Mummy – By Lianne at Mrs Mummy Harris
Lianne shares her story of PND and how becoming a parent changed her. I felt that parts of her story I could really relate to, so do pop over and have a read.

Why Do I Struggle to Make Mum Friends – By Kelly-Anne at Mimi Rose and Me
When I read this post it was like Kelly was taking the words from my mouth. So many times I have wanted to strike up conversation with other mums but something holds me back. A very moving post.

Did you enjoy your August and the last taste of summer or are you longing for Autumn?
Loved a certain blog post/blogger? Someone I should check out?
Let me know below!


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