About Me

6th December 2016

Hi there! Welcome to my parenting and lifestyle blog; Pickle and Poppet.

I started this blog to talk openly about all things parenting and lifestyle.
It is my place to go to vent about bad days, laugh about mishaps and to put down in words truthful parenting. The good, the bad and the ugly.

You can be sure that all opinions and experiences are my own.

So if you want to know that you’re not alone in this crazy world of parenting then you’re in the right place. Grab yourself a drink and have a read!

Why Blog?

I decided to start this blog as something for me. A way to connect with and share experiences with other people, all going through the same daily struggles.
If something that I write helps one person to not feel alone, or makes one person laugh on a sad day then I would be happy.

Writing is something that I have always enjoyed. I had put so many barriers up in front of me but Sam encouraged me to try it, I had nothing to lose. Here I am a couple of years later, absolutely enjoying writing, reading, talking to lots of people I wouldn’t have been before. Experiencing things that I might not have been able to before, all because I gave it ‘a go’.

About Me

This is me and my beautiful family.

Jo, Sam, Reuben & Jessica

My name is Jo.
Mummy to Reuben and Jessica, Wife to Sam.
We live in East Anglia and I work part-time as an insurance account handler.
I wish I could say I was spinning all the plates (juggling work, family and blog life) but as we all know it isn’t easier and sometimes it doesn’t go to plan.
I enjoy baking, I won’t lie and say baking with kids is the best thing ever, at the moment! They are 2 and 5 and let’s face it they just want to eat everything.
Some of my favourite things to do include family walks (especially in autumn when the colours are so beautiful), reading, and knitting (although I’m still practising this one).

This is Sam.
Jo & Sam

Sam is my best friend and partner in crime.
We have been together since 2010 and we married in 2015.
We have been through some very tough times but always managed to get through it together, he really does support me in everything I do.

This is Reuben aka Pickle
Reuben climbing a tree

Reuben is a very lively 5-year-old. He has a passion for dinosaurs, police, and Lego. I am amazed every day by how quickly he learns and how much he has grown. He is cheeky and mischievous and more recently he has begun to understand empathy. He is a sensitive little thing and he is very protective of me and his little sister. My heart absolutely bursts with pride.

This is Jessica aka Poppet

Jessica is in the throws of being two and all that goes with it. She is trying to figure things out and it is difficult at points. I must say the second time round I am more understanding. Jessica loves role-playing. From cooking, looking after her dolls to pretending to be like Mummy. She has a caring personality and can switch on the sweet charm at the drop of a hat. But do not let that fool you. Jessica is already showing her assertiveness and as for her daring side. Well she is causing more grey hairs than her brother!

So, this is us.

I would love for you to stay around and join me in discussions, debate on issues and just laugh at how ridiculous parenting and everyday life can be.

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(Photos By Summer Love Photography)