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9 Birthday Presents for a One Year Old!

15th August 2017

I may have mentioned a few times already but my baby girl is going to turn one in two weeks. I cannot believe how quickly this last year has gone, much quicker than the last month of pregnancy that’s for sure! So, anyway there is so much planning to do. How to spend the day, the food and what birthday presents to buy her.

I have spent so long trawling through websites looking for THEĀ PERFECT BIRTHDAY PRESENTS.
What do you buy a one year old who already has a stack of toys? Well here are the toys that made my top 9 picks.

Top 9 Birthday Presents for a One Year Old

Wooden Toys

We are big fans of wooden toys and will always pick wooden over plastic if there is that option. They just feel like they are made to last.

Goose Dolls Pram

I have fallen in love with this pram. How cute is it?!
I love that it is so different to the ‘traditional’ pushchairs and prams that you get. I haven’t come across one like this before…..



Wooden Musical Table

My little girl loves music and she loves hitting things together to make sound. This musical table will give her a ‘base’ to do the things that she loves the most.
It is also an added bonus that it has different motor parts which will help with developing motor skills.


Wooden Trike

Trikes are a great way for children to whizz around the house. If Jessica is anything like Reuben was we will be running her up and down the hallway on her first trike. This one reminds me of the trikes in Santa Claus the Movie (My favourite Christmas film! Yes I mentioned Christmas in August.)


A classic gift that just grows with your child. We started early on puzzles with Reuben and he loves them now. We will do the same for Jessica…..

Animal Puzzle

These animal puzzles have pegs which are perfect for little hands to hold. Obviously at one it is more about learning how to make a shape fit a hole. But by picking different animals it will help her learn those as well.



Momma Bear Tunnel Puzzle

I saw this and thought it was a cute alternative to your traditional puzzle. Each piece fits inside the other to create the momma bear and cub bear in a cave picture.



My First Blocks Puzzle

Not at first but soon your one year old will be ready for matching up colours and pictures and so basic block puzzles are a great way to do this.



Books play an important part in our lives. We always have story time before bed, Reuben has over 40 books. Now we need to build on Jessica’s collection of books.

Zoo Activity Book

Jessica loves feeling different textures. This book is soft, has a teether, crinkly ears and flaps. There is so much for her to play with it would keep her amused for a while.



Peek a Boo Forest Book

I love Lamaze as a brand. There toys are always well made and tick all the sensory boxes. I love this book for that reason. Peek a boo is one of the first games your baby learns to play so to incorporate that into a book is a great idea.



VTech Nursery Rhyme Book

VTech are my favourite ‘gadget’ company. They make some great toys and I love their range of musical books. Jessica loves music and we love going other nursery rhymes so this would be perfect for her.



But let’s be honest, the reality of it is that with all the birthday presents your one year old will receive there is one that will be their favourite!

Do you have any favourites that your one year old loves?

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