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8 Top Cleaning Tips to Save Time

11th March 2018

Depending on the frequency, cleaning your home properly can take some serious time. However, if you adhere to these top cleaning tips to save time, you should be able to maintain a clean place without spending too much time on cleaning.

Achieving a clean place in the shortest possible time sounds like a contradiction. Nevertheless, the professional cleaners available in the Helpling app do know a few hacks to have this achieved. Here are a few tips we can share.

  1. Get the correct tools and detergents. Having the right tools and equipment will always help do a job correctly. They also will make it more fun and rewarding to clean as the cleaning will go easily and you will see the improvement immediately.
  2. Have a plan of attack. Trying to clean in between work is as ineffective as trying to multi-task by doing complete different things. Plan what it is that you want to do or achieve and work towards it.
  3. Focus on what you are doing. When you decide to clean a room properly do so diligently. Make sure you won’t have anything or anybody around to distract you. This will allow you to apply your mind and get over and done with it quickly.
  4. Combine activities. Don’t break the job down per room or floor but rather break it up per activity. Vacuuming the first floor in one go means that you only have to carry the vacuum cleaner upstairs once.
  5. Get the buy in from all other people living in your house. Push your family members to do the little things they can do to make your life easy. If everybody drops the dirty laundry in the basket it will save you time to collect it.
  6. Remove items that clutter spaces or collect dust. Decorative items can be nice but also add to the cleaning work that you have to do. Is it really necessary to have small decorative items standing all over the place? The more you have, the more you have to dust off.
  7. Start with the dirtiest job. No matter what it is, always do the worst job first. Once this is out of your way things will only get better.
  8. Know how to clean what. Read labels and tags first before you clean items. Mopping electronic equipment down with a wet cloth can speed up your cleaning process but also leave you with some damaged equipment!

It is easy to achieve a clean space in a short time. Just follow these hacks and you soon will find out how well it works.

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