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5 Tips for Surviving Chicken Pox at Christmas

17th December 2018

Can you believe it?! Chicken Pox at Christmas. What are the chances? Well, pretty high it seems. There was a couple of cases at Reuben’s school and so I was on alert, but at the same time not overly worried. Reuben has been with others that have had chicken pox and been OK. So whilst I was worried, I was hopeful! I should have known that if Reuben was going to get them it was going to be in the busiest week of the year, obviously.

Last week Reuben was supposed to have his nativity play, supper with Santa, and a family Christmas meal. All things that he was so excited about. He did manage to have his school Christmas dinner, he also had the dress rehearsal of the play on Wednesday in front of the school. I had been told that he was really good and we were excited to see him. Wednesday night when I finished work he said he had been feeling itchy, there was a mark, looked more like a bite so I dismissed it really. Thursday morning he was still complaining and when we checked there were a couple of bumps on him. We was fairly sure it was chicken pox and so kept him off school. He was OK about missing the play, he thought it would all be pretty exciting having time off for chicken pox.

He was bored by the end of the day and announced he was going back to school.

That was a difficult conversation. I had to explain to him why he couldn’t go back to school, why he couldn’t go to see Santa and why we would be missing the family meal. He was so upset. All the things had been looking forward to for weeks he now couldn’t do. So now he was bored and upset. We were one day in.

The the spots came out, he got itchy and just felt, well crap. Utterly crap. He would cry as I put calamine lotion on him. I cried as he cried, he was sobbing. I hated it, I wish I could take it all away from him but I couldn’t.

We’re now into single figures on the Christmas countdown and we’re “waiting” for Jessica to have a break out. We’re hoping she swerves it but that is highly unlikely isn’t it?! So, could we be spending all of Christmas with Chicken Pox? And if we are, how are we going to cope?

I asked the blogging world for their tips, this is what they said…

Chicken Pox at Christmas Survival Tips

Sarah from Mud Cakes and Wine 
“We had all three over three weeks thought I would go crazy 🤣🤣 sure you know Piriton was our saviour. What about cornflour fun if hands not too badly poxed xx”

Jo from Cup of Toast Blog
“We use unexpected time at home to do science experiments, or art/ craft that takes a little longer to prepare like potato painting or junk modelling. We love making volcanoes with baking soda; colour mixing; fake snow. Sometimes we act out stories and stop to make craft related items in the middle (if you have any empty plastic bottles you can make potions in them whilst reading Winnie the Witch for example).”
Jo, also have some fab suggestions of “Days In” activities here

Helena from The Queen of Collage
“Depending on their age you could practice some Maths, English and other school/preschool activities themed on Christmas. I’ve printed off some totschooling things for my eldest. We’ve also got Christmas DVDs and books.”

Victoria from Married Meeples
“What you need is a craft / game that uses a soothing lotion so fun but helps the itchiness 😂. Yoghurt painting but using calamine lotion😉 Failing that you could get them a Christmas craft kit like crocheting baubles so it keeps their hands busy.”

Eva from Captain Bobcat
“Board games are always good – we did a lot of them when my boy was down with pox 2 weeks ago. Hide small Santa chocolates around the house to hunt them (or other things). Like Treasure Hunt.”

Do you have any tips to help survive chicken pox? I would love to hear them!

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