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5 Garden Activities to Keep the Kids Outside!

5th June 2018

Summer seems to finally be on the way, thank goodness for that! We live fairly close to the coast. You would think that when the sun comes out our first thought turns to the coast. Sometimes it does but to be honest most of the time I can think of nothing worse. I mean I love going to the coast, having an ice cream on the beach, it’s great. Sitting in a traffic queue for over 2 hours with kids, not so great. Everyone goes to the coast. So, we do the opposite. We either head for a forest or picnic area or we play games in the garden. So, I thought I would put together some garden activities to do to help you out if you’re staying at home too.

5 Garden Activities for Kids


Gardening tools OK, so this is not a game. However we have been spending a lot of time working on our garden and the children have wanted to help. Reuben in particular has shown a keen interest and so his own gardening set is perfect.


Sand cookie set ALL kids love sand. Mine love it. Jessica will eat it given half the chance. Being able to pretend to cook, make cookies, roll the sand. All a win with playing with sand. This cookie kit will keep the kids at the sand for hours (like they need it)

Stomp Rocket

Stomp Rocket I love the idea of stomp rockets. What isn’t fun about them. Stomping on a button to see how high your rocket will fly. I don’t think the kids would get a look in.



Bubble Machine

bubble machine My kids love bubbles, especially Jessica. I love seeing their faces when there are bubbles around. But, I don’t like the single wands very much. The kids won’t let me help them and when they do it on their own they end up with the bubble mixture all over the floor. End result, tears! This is perfect!!

Space Rocket Tent

space rocket tent Everyone loves a tent! Make it a space rocket and imagine how many great games they would have. Flying off to discover new planets, or a trip to the moon!! Endless hours of fun!

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