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5 Easter Egg Alternatives under £10

21st March 2018

Easter. The kids getting so much chocolate that you feel obliged to help them eat it. Not that they notice, thankfully. No other time of year would they get so much chocolate. We buy Reuben and Jessica one easter egg each and then a few little eggs are dotted around the house so they can have a hunt. This year we have reduced the amount of “little eggs” there are and have looked for Easter Egg alternatives, such as crafting activities. That way they have some chocolate and an activity. We’re lucky that our family take a similar view and chocolate eggs are limited and replaced with books and small gifts.

What2Buy4Kids is a great place to go to find little gifts this Easter. They cater for all ages and there is so much choice. What’s more is that we have a special code for you to use which will get you 10% off your order. So here are our 5 favourite Easter Egg alternatives from their site!

5 Easter Egg Alternatives

Mini Friends Lamb

lamb soft toy How cute is this little lamb? I know Jessica would just love this. She would spend lots of time pretending to feed it, cuddle it and just generally run around shouting “BAA”
This is currently being sold for £1.99 so is a steal!

Mr Men Grow Your Own Sunflower Kit

Mr Men Sunflower Growing Kit Reuben loves growing things and now Spring is here (or coming) why not pick Sunflowers? This kit contains everything you need. Three packets of seeds,  three starter growing pots made from coconut husk, three coconut husk compost discs and three plant markers.
Another great price for this kit as it is £5.99

Paint Your Own Piggy Bank

Piggy Box With the weather being as crazy and as cold as it has been, getting a ‘back up’ indoor activity is probably a safe option. I love this paint your own piggy bank set. It is aimed at children over 8, I guess this is as they may paint it ‘neater’ however Reuben has had paint your own sets and enjoys doing them.
At just over £10 it would be money well spent I think.

Charlie’s Splendid Sweet Sorting Game

Charlie's Sweet Sorting Game Roald Dahl fan who loves playing games? This would be perfect. A game to develop recognition skills as well as help with planning and strategy. Recommended for ages 6 and up. I am actually going to buy this for Reuben as we’ve just finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so I think he would love this.
Price: £8.50

The Hungry Caterpillar Finger Puppet Book

Hungry Caterpillar Book This combines everything that Jessica loves right now, books and finger puppets. She will sit for ages reading books and so this is a very obvious choice for her egg alternative.
Currently £7.99

So, do keep an eye out on and see what we think of our Easter purchases!! Now the bit for you, if you do decide to buy something from What2Buy4Kids then use our unique code to gain yourself a 10% discount.


*This code is an affiliate code, it gains you your discount but also allows me to earn a small commission on your purchase, read more here.


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