Valentine's Day Heart

We Don’t ‘DO’ Valentine’s Gifts BUT if We Did……

30th January 2018

Valentine’s Day isn’t something that Sam and I ‘DO’, but every now and then we (Sam mostly) breaks the rules and buys something. Here are our suggestions….

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Making hunters chicken sauce

My New Year Boost with Indigo Super Greens

23rd January 2018

As you know, I made a pledge to myself (not a New Year Resolution) that 2018 was going to be the year that I look after me. I would eat healthier, and plan in more exercise. When Indigo Herbs gave me the opportunity to try out their Super Greens Powder I was intrigued to see how I could use this in my day to day diet. I had heard so many great things about Indigo Herbs, yet it wasn’t something that I had ever tried before.

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The Ebury Collection postcard

Pretty Presents at The Ebury Collection Gift Shop

18th January 2018

I find myself browsing online looking for new shops, quirky gifts. Something a bit different.

Whilst on one of my ‘looking for inspiration’ internet searches, I came across The Ebury Collection Gift Shop. It instantly caught my attention as it is such a pretty site.

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Picking A School; Why I Feel so Nervous

10th January 2018

This is the year that Reuben will go to school. He is so excited. He has wanted to go to school since last September when all of his other friends went. I know he is more than ready for this next step in his life. I however, am not. How did my little boy get so big. Why is time going so quickly?

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Someone standing behind a board with a question mark on it

100 Truths Blogger Tag

4th January 2018

Last year I was tagged not once, but twice in the “100 Truths Blogger Tag”. You would think that I would have been able to get my act together and post this one quickly as it is pretty simple. Not the case! So here we are, 2018 and only five weeks (or so) after I was originally tagged.

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Hat saying happy new year and bottle of champagne

…..And Just Like That, It’s 2018!

2nd January 2018

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you have all had a great Christmas spending time with your families. It has been refreshing having some time away to relax with my beautiful family. Children grow so quickly and so taking a step back is important. But all too soon it is over, we’ve had Christmas, waved goodbye to 2017 and bang! It’s 2018!

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