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10 Things That Make Me Happy

11th July 2017

I think it is really important to spend time appreciating the good things in your life. We all live such busy lives that it is too easy to rush through each day without reflecting on the little things. After all it is the little things that make you happiest. So when the lovely Alana from Burnished Chaos tagged me in the ’10 Things That Make Me Happy’ I was more than happy to take part. You can read Alana’s 10 things here.

10 Things That Make Me Happy;

1 – Sam

It goes without saying that Sam makes me happy, it’s why I married him – that and his tea making skills!
Sam is my absolute rock, from getting us through some pretty difficult situations to completely supporting me when I make decisions about things I would like to do. He has picked me up when I have been at my lowest, he has made me laugh like no one has ever made me laugh. He is grumpy, he is sarcastic but he is amazing and all of that makes me smile. (Enough of the soppy stuff now!)

2 – The Children

Alongside Sam, my children are my world. The take me to the edge of insanity and back again on a daily basis but it is the other things that make me smile. Watching them play together or when they hug. The early morning hugs when Jessica comes into bed with us, even if it is 5am. When Reuben comes in our room in the morning and gives me a hug to say good morning. We’re very lucky to have two beautifully affectionate children and I cannot wait to see how they grow.

3 – Lola, our cat

Lola is our adopted cat and we’ve had her almost three months but it feels like she has always been with us. She makes me smile as one minute she will be running all scatty backwards and forwards. The next minute she is lying next to us on the sofa having a snooze. She is so content that it makes me smile.

4 – Sunshine

The sun always makes me smile. I feel better in myself and feel like I can take on the day, even if I’ve had little sleep. Everything just seems brighter and the mood of everyone changes. You can’t help but smile when the sun is out. Sunshine means more playing outside, more children laughing, happiness.

5 – Photos

I love looking back over photos. Photos taken recently or photos from years ago. I am probably one of the only people who still prints out photos and puts them in an album. There is something about having them in albums to look through that makes them even more special. I have so many memories and when the children are older I will be able to share those memories with them by showing them my pictures.

6 – Date Night

I don’t mind what date night looks like. It can be that we are cooking a meal together, or we watch a film or we go out for a meal. Since we have had the children date night leans more to cooking a nice meal together and then picking a film for us to watch fall asleep to. But whatever we do it is nice to disconnect from social media and spend time together.

7 – Socialising

I love getting together with friends. Catching up in our busy lives. Socialising for me means great company, good food and a nice bottle of wine. They all go together and it makes for a perfect evening.

8 – Days Out & Picnics

I love it when we take the children for days out. Reuben always enjoys it so much, especially if there is a big open field for him to run around on. Jessica is now really taking in her surroundings and so loves being outside just as much. Our favourite has to be to going out where we can have a picnic, followed by a walk around the woods so Reuben can find things, climb trees and pretend there’s monsters.

9 – Relax in the Bath

Now I have two children and not an awful lot of time ‘me time’ is limited and so I love to have a soak in the bath when I can. Most of the time it is on a Sunday morning which ends up in Reuben coming in to see if I’m OK. If I do get time in an evening then it is almost always including a glass of wine.

10 – Other People’s Happiness

I love nothing more than seeing my friends and family being happy. Whether that be being successful at work or their family pictures. When I see my friends and family are happy it really makes me happy.

So, there are my 10 happy thoughts.

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3 responses to “10 Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. Gareth Torrance says:

    I haven’t been able to relax in the bath for about a year. Every time I try to, my daughter will start to moan and cry. My OH will try and keep her entertained, but she’s a real Daddy’s girl… So I tend to have showers as fast as possible so that I can get back to her and she can be happy again, haha.

    • Ah that’s sweet. I tend to ignore it now, leave the OH to deal with the tears. They stop pretty quickly, until Jessica sees or hears me at least!!

      • Gareth Torrance says:

        I might have to try that… Because I do want her to become a bit more clingy to her mum as well, haha