‘Saddle Bag First Aid Kit’ – Safety by SJ Works

23rd April 2018

Reuben started being able to ride a bike last year and loves it. He’s got pretty quick too, no more running next to him. We will need to be out on bikes too. I have to admit I’m pretty excited. I can see there will be accidents, probably me! So thank goodness we were sent SJ Works Saddle Bag First Aid kit to review.

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children playing on a beach

5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe at the Pool This Summer

22nd April 2018

There’s probably nothing kids love more during the summer than splashing around the pool. It provides entertainment, recreation and relaxation. Here are the top 5 tips on how to keep your kids safe at the pool this summer.

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keyboard, coffee and headphones on a desk

Share Your Story; Not A Fit Chick

19th April 2018

Welcome back to another week of the “Share Your Story” series. This week I would like to hand the reins over to Lanay Renae who blogs over at Not A Fit Chick. Lanay likes to think out of the box and is sharing her reasons why….

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Reuben holding a football

So My Not-So-Little Man, You’re Going to School

17th April 2018

I, like so many other parents spent yesterday on tender hooks. Waiting to receive ‘the email’ that would tell me what school you would be going to. Well I didn’t wait for the email, you will learn this of me, I am impatient. About everything, but mostly things that involve you!

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family on holiday at beach

3 Travel Ideas When You’ve Got the Little Ones

15th April 2018

It’s true that your holidays change when you have children, but becoming a parent doesn’t mean you have to stop travelling — you just need a different approach. Make plans, slow down the pace, and pick your activities carefully. Here are three perfect travel ideas for families.

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Contents of subscription box

Mud & Bloom Subscription Box

13th April 2018

Reuben loves being outside, he has a big interest in plants, wildlife and anything ‘outdoorsy’. I really want to encourage him to stay interested in how things grow. Where fruits and vegetables come from. When I stumbled across the Mud & Bloom subscription box, I was very intrigued and so excite to try them out.

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keyboard, coffee and headphones on a desk

Share Your Story; Like A Galaxy Girl

12th April 2018

This week on the “Share Your Story” series I have ‘A’ from Like a Galaxy Girl sharing her story.

*Trigger warning, this story is about being sexually assaulted*

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keyboard, coffee and headphones on a desk

Share Your Story; Go Effy Yourself

5th April 2018

This week on the Share Your Story series I would like to introduce you to Lizzie. Lizzie is the writer of Go Effy Yourself. She is sharing her story today on loss and the grief that comes with it. **Trigger warning – loss of a loved ones and mental health**

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Boy pretending to be superman

Boosting Your Childs Confidence – Fast

5th April 2018

You probably want your children to be as confident as possible. Being confident will ensure that they can get much more out of life. It will mean that they are able to approach any issues they might face in a much more positive way. Here are some tips to help….

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Calendar on a Computer screen

A Monthly Review; March 2018

4th April 2018

A quarter of the way through the year. As I flip my calendar over and see “Lanzarote” I can’t help but feel excited and nervous at the same time. April is going to be a busy and exciting month, I can tell already but before I look forward it’s time to reflect on what happened in March!

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